The Left’s Mask Just Came Off

The modern Democrat Party is like a train that’s gone completely off the tracks and is careening wildly out of control. We’re hoping it won’t smash into the rest of us. We also watch in horrified fascination as it busts apart in slow motion.

This party is a disaster beyond anything most people can imagine: a perfect storm of victim mentality, socialist economics, globalist insanity, and cultural degeneracy.

As the Democrats face upcoming landslide losses in the midterms and an economy that’s cratering out of control, let’s take a look at one of their top inside activists and what she reveals about the true American left.

Meet Nina Turner

Nina Turner is a Democratic activist from the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. She’s a perfect example of the kind of people dragging the party as far left as possible.

She’s also a failure. Turner has run twice for Congress and lost badly both times. Her political experience is mainly that she was a state representative in Ohio and tried to get Sanders elected with all her might in 2020.

To her credit, at least Turner isn’t a Biden backer. To her shame, however, she’s backing the failed ideas of people like Sanders. These ideas rely on stirring up populist anger and offering pie-in-the-sky promises to voters to get power. It’s truly shameless.

Turner is a big supporter of things like Medicare For All, student loan forgiveness, and a socialized system where the working class cares for the poor.

As usual, the problem is that Turner appears to think money can just be created with no consequences to bail out society and “help” the poor.

Turner’s Economics

She obviously isn’t paying attention to places like Argentina. Here, an attempt to spend into oblivion and pretend to care about the poor inflated the currency beyond recognition.

Socialist idiocy, such as in Argentina, has left the half of the country that works enslaved to paying taxes for the half of the country that wants handouts.

Then again, maybe she’s just ignoring what she sees. The left doesn’t exactly love to look at their own failures playing out worldwide.

Turner teaches history at an Ohio college. She knows that printing money has consequences that ultimately land at the taxpayers’ doorstep.

She’s playing dumb because, like Sanders, she is a demagogue who wants to wrap compassion into a big government project that will tie us all into endless debt and inflation cycles.

The Bottom Line

Turner isn’t the only one who believes money should just be printed infinitely with no consequences. The left, as a whole, is stuck in this childish mindset and trying to make the rest of us suffer for their illusion.

Don’t fall for it.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.