The Left’s Top Five Lies About Abortion FULLY DEBUNKED

The recent leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion on abortion has the American left enraged.

The draft appears to show that the landmark abortion rights decision, Roe v. Wade, is in danger of being overturned later this summer.

Abortion has only been widely legal in the United States since the 1970s. However, large amounts of the left and Democrat Party see it as a fundamental human right and “healthcare.”

Here are their top five arguments for why abortion is a right and should remain legal, along with why these arguments are incorrect…

1. Fetuses Aren’t Human Beings

The left says fetuses aren’t human beings. This is scientifically false.

Fetuses are unborn human beings who feel pain by 12 weeks. If they are not killed, the vast majority will be born and grow up to be human beings who think, talk, and feel, just like any of the rest of us.

This argument is false.

2. Abortion Harms Nobody

Abortion ends the life of a fetus.

It also causes enormous psychological and sometimes physical damage to women who get an abortion, even when it is done professionally. The claim that abortion is “healthcare” and harms nobody is patently untrue.

This argument is false.

3. Abortion is Better Than a Life of Poverty

Another common argument you will hear from pro-choice and pro-abortion folks is that abortion is better than a life of poverty. They often claim conservative cuts to the welfare state prove that right-leaning folks “don’t really” care about kids.

The fact is a bloated welfare state leads to more poverty in any case. Furthermore, a life of struggle is better than no life.

This argument is false.

4. Abortion is an Antidote to ‘The Patriarchy’

A common pro-abortion argument on the left and among feminists and liberals is that it’s a way to fight back against the patriarchy. Abortion allows women freedom from being “forced” to give birth.

The truth is that from China and Russia to the US, abortion is one of the top tools of dominant and aggressive men.

Almost half of abortions in the US occur due to strong pressure from the male partner to abort. That number is much higher in many more traditional countries, as well as a huge amount where pregnancies are ended, due to parents not wanting to have a girl.

This argument is completely false and highly offensive.

5. We Need Abortion to Deal With Pregnancies in the Case of Rape and Incest

In about 0.5% of cases, this is correct. There are still conservatives who disagree that even here an unborn baby should have to pay with its life.

Though, suffice it to say, it is true that women who get pregnant in the case of rape, incest, or abuse at least have a strong argument as to why they should be allowed to terminate the pregnancy.

The Bottom Line

Abortion is murder. With rare exceptions, it shouldn’t be happening. The left is wrong.