The Number of Unsolved Murders Is Higher Than Ever

When somebody you know or love is murdered, it’s a nightmare come true. The least anybody hopes for is that the murderer will be caught.

However, America is now having record rates of unsolved murders, leaving grieving families struggling for closure and justice.

How Bad Is It?

The United States currently ranks near the bottom of all developed nations in solving murders. There are hotspots where murders are even more unlikely to be solved as well.

Around 50% of murders were solved in 2020 in America; in cities like Chicago, only a bit more than 30% of murders are being solved in recent years. In a city like Oakland, California, only 40% of murders are solved.

As more people pay zero price for murdering something, murder rates increase as well in big cities and poorer communities, from Philadelphia to New York to LA.

This is especially prevalent in black and non-white inner-city communities, where bail reform, uncaught murderers, and a bad economy are fueling a cycle of bloodshed and gang violence.

Compare and Contrast

The nation of Germany, for example, has a 10% unsolved murder rate. Cops are working diligently to clear those remaining unsolved cases. Having around a 50% unsolved rate is horrifying and very bad news for the future.

Part of the problem in America is the distrust of police in many poorer and non-white communities, as well as the media propaganda spreading hate for police.

As police try to increase their presence, this then creates numerous other pushback and problems, making the solution hard to determine.

Letting communities murder with impunity is clearly unacceptable, but getting more involved and placing police in places where they are not wanted and could easily be killed is also a very hard choice.

The Bottom Line

America has a huge law and order problem right now. Murder should never be something you get away with.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.