The Open Border is Causing a New Pandemic

As per a study from the Associated Press, upwards of 100,000 individuals died of opioid overdoses during the year beginning in April 2021.

This is a Serious Issue

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts 100,300 individuals died from overdosing between May 2020 through April 2021, drawing on statistics from death records.

The tally is not formal because reports of drug overdoses can take several months to complete; therefore, it is simply an estimate based on the 98,000 complaints the CDC has collected so far this year.

As per the Associated Press, the CDC predicted 93,000 fatal overdoses in 2020. That was the greatest number of fatalities in a fiscal year ever reported. However, the CDC predicted the calendar year 2021 will end with over 100,000 deaths.

Dr. Daniel Ciccarone, a drug policy scientist at the University of California: San Francisco, warned the Associated Press that “2021 is going to be catastrophic.”

As per new CDC data, drug overdoses have been consistently climbing for more than 20 years, but they have increased in the previous two years, jumping over 30% in the last year.

Opioid overdoses now kill more people each year than automobile accidents, gun crime, and even respiratory illnesses including pneumonia, as well as influenza combined. The never-before-seen figure is also rapidly nearing the number of fatalities from diabetes, which is now the country’s seventh-leading cause of death.

The AP cited specialists who blamed the rise in deadly overdoses on the COVID-19 epidemic and shutdowns. This socially separated drug users and prevented them from seeking aid and rehabilitation for their dependencies.

The Open Southern Border is the Primary Cause

Experts also mentioned fentanyl as a crucial issue. Fentanyl, which in 2016 eclipsed heroin as the most fatal narcotic in the United States, is becoming increasingly common when it is mixed with other types of drugs.

This is also why heroin and methamphetamine-related mortalities have increased in recent years.

Mexican drug traffickers purchase pure fentanyl, or the chemical characteristics needed to make it, from China or India, as the Daily Wire previously revealed.

Although gangs may get pure fentanyl across the border, many have turned to sell fentanyl-laced counterfeit prescription medications. Smugglers can generally buy a kilogram of fentanyl granules from a Chinese supplier for just a few thousand dollars.

“They can then reshape it into hundreds and thousands of capsules, and sell the fake pills for huge amounts of money and profit,” according to a report released in 2020 by the Drug Enforcement Administration, per the Daily Wire.

The DEA has already recovered almost 12,000 pounds of fentanyl this year, as per Anne Milgram, the DEA’s director, as told by the Associated Press. This is a new high for the DEA, and nearly triple the 4,776 pounds seized in the entire year of 2020.