The Psychology of the radical left part 1

The rational left has always had its place, after all, historically, for a society to thrive, a balance is maintained between the compassionate left and the forthgoing right.

Allow me to elaborate; throughout history, the right-wing has always been centered around, a drive for innovation and prosperity whilst relying on a strong set of core values such as family, religion, freedom of expression, property rights, and liberty of the individual ie: you have the right to determine your own destiny and the success or failure that plan is responsible to no one except you, the individual.

The historical moderate left has always been there to stand up for the less fortunate among us. This ideology was all about helping the downtrodden with affordable or state medicare, state education, social grants to the needy, and activism for the rights of ethnic minorities, women, and those of different sexual preferences.

A balance has been maintained during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The powerful Right-wing drove innovation, defeated communism, created economic superpowers, and uplifted the poor into a massive middle class with each individual able to carve out his or her own life. The Left-wing made sure the big corporates didn’t squash the smaller companies, helped the less fortunate partake in the success of the nation as a whole, and allowed groups to bring to light their grievances in hopes that everyone shares in the success. In summary, The right got people rich, and the left made sure no one was left behind.

As we know, things have changed over the past 10 years. The left went from compassion to hostility, from looking out for the underdogs to looking out for only certain groups of underdogs that it deemed necessary of saving, It began to view the right as evil and the pursuit of profit and progress as dangerous, it embraced socialism, believing it to be the solution to what it believes is a massive injustice.

Why did something that focused on helping those in need suddenly become fixated on dismantling the system that allowed them to exist in the first place, not realizing the consequences of those actions? I think the answer lies in insecurity. A simple answer to the question but detailed elaboration will be provided.

Insecurity leads to uncertainty, and uncertainty leads to instability. Among the intellectual left, they became out of touch with their compassionate values, giving in to fear that they as an individual would become to be seen by the group as out of step, should they not follow the expected path. The problem with allowing the group to dictate is that any disagreeing opinion is quickly squashed.

For fear of being squashed, the intellectuals relied on prominence within the group, not by innovating new ideas but spouting more radical utterances. Believing that it’s exactly what the group wanted to hear. They got louder and louder and the group, for fear of being seen as out of touch with the others, accepted the new radical as the new normal. The insecurity of being left out or left behind caused a chain reaction of uncertain individuals mimicking one another, gradually bringing to be a system where the same process of radicalization repeats itself over and over until the original, honest ideas of liberalism are unrecognizable to the modern liberal and more comparable to the modern conservative.

Instability comes when the system that has worked for so long, comes under attack by one against the other. The current situation in the United States is clear proof that there is no longer a healthy balance between the left and right. The fault lies entirely with the left and here is why; A simple comparison between conservative policies today and in the past shows very little change (remember the strong core values).

In contrast, the liberal policies of today seem to get more and more radical by the day. The chain reaction of insecurity leading to instability and instability leading to more insecurity is in full effect, and it will only get worse until the left allows debate and discussion once again. It is the only way to stop the downward spiral into total chaos.

In part two, we will look that the three mentioned causes of a radical left, by examining the individual. Stay tuned.