Biden is Coming For the Second Amendment!

President Joe Biden tried to portray weapons — specifically, undetectable guns — as a primary source of the issue on Monday, with big cities reporting surges in crime and Republicans turning it an electoral year issue.

The Details

Biden spoke from the Rose Garden, holding up a so-called phantom gun kit, which police departments and politicians have dubbed the new choice of weapon for crooks.

This is due to its lack of a product code and ability to be acquired without requiring buyers to go through a background check.

It was an attempt to bolster political support for a recently finalized phantom gun rule that has been lauded by both advocates and police departments.

In a broader sense, it was Biden’s attempt to reclaim his ground on a legislative front that is currently bedeviling him and Democrats. As per a new ABC-Ipsos poll, only 38% of Americans approve of the president’s management of violence.


Biden’s “phantom gun” rule, which calls for expanded background checks and number plates, was announced alongside his choice to lead the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns, and Explosives.

Both have been in the works for months, with gun enthusiasts and fellow Democrats pushing for swifter action. They also raise the possibility that gun control will play a bigger role in the midterm elections.

Conservatives Are Fighting Back

The ATF has been without a regular director since 2015. Biden’s second candidate, Steve Dettelbach, will almost certainly face conservative opposition during his confirmation hearings.

Republicans have faulted Biden for the rise in crime in the United States, despite the fact, according to crime report data compiled by center-left source materials, murder rates were greater in Republican-run states than Democrat-run states in 2020.

Republicans have also tried to paint Biden as “soft on crime” ahead of the midterm elections, which could flip control of one or both legislative compartments to the GOP.

Democrats and gun law activists, on the other hand, see a fresh focus on the issue as a potential midterm boost, claiming it is outdated to believe the issue only riles up Republicans and not Democrats or Independent voters.

They think an ATF director who favors enforcing and increasing background checks is crucial to reducing gun violence.

They’ve also asked Biden to take additional executive actions on gun regulation and appoint a violence prevention czar to supervise the administration’s reaction.

Despite voters’ negative assessments of Biden’s performance in combating violent crime, surveys continually show a majority of Americans support a variety of Democratic ideas.

According to a Morning Research poll, 63 percent of Americans supported Biden’s unilateral action to control ghost weapons when he initially announced it last year.

An enormous majority of Americans also support enhanced or universal criminal record checks, according to the pollsters.