The Twisted Way Liberals Rate Candidates

Liberals are unconcerned with a candidate’s genuine leadership abilities, focusing instead on their paper qualifications. They occasionally subtly display this, but they are only interested in a marketable prospect.

Why is this viewpoint so incorrect? Have you ever spent time with folks who hold advanced degrees and believe they are intelligent because of them?

You’ve heard it before: “I attended Harvard,” “I have a background here.” Individuals believe a certificate can compensate for their brains and experience.

Case In Point

Lauren Boebert, a lawmaker the left enjoys deriding as ignorant, makes an apparent argument.

Mayor Pete, our Transport Secretary, appears to be the least capable individual in history. He ruins everything he does. Even a group of liberals have recognized the obviousness of this.

Buttigieg has been at the center of many crises. During the most extensive distribution network crisis in American history, he was on paternal leave for seven months.

Shipping containers were queued up for miles, unable to offload goods at American ports — a virtually unprecedented scenario that worsened shortages of essential items and intensified hyperinflation just as it was beginning to flare up.

In the midst of the crisis, the man abandoned his work to snuggle with Chasten, despite having just been hired.

The left adored it, but the rest of the nation desired a transportation system that moved goods. Though if we criticize him, we are bigoted, of course. Demanding competency or even presence in a position indicates hostility or some other trait.

Since this first setback, Mayor Pete’s winless streak has escalated, with airlines making mistakes, the FAA botching a software update, leaving millions stranded, and Amtrak stranding passengers.

The point is made. Boebert is the better leader. Pete, the former mayor, is unqualified for the position. He is unable to accomplish it. The facts have spoken.

Out of Touch With Reality

Though they preach, “VOTE VETS: Oxford. Harvard. Rhodes Fellow. Officer of naval intelligence. He is obviously competent.”

Observe how there is no mention of reality. Nothing regarding the functionality of the transportation system he is tasked with managing?

“He has diplomas! From prestigious locations! QED!”

Indeed, this is how liberals believe. This is why they are so preoccupied with higher education, as if giving more people more worthless pieces of paper with stamps on them will make them brighter or more capable.

If you examine the correlation between educational achievement and intelligence quotient, it becomes readily apparent that we dispense degrees without regard to intellect or aptitude. Each decade has seen a decline in the average IQ across all degrees.

The average IQ and knowledge of today’s college graduates are equivalent to that of high school graduates 50 years ago.

For the left, however, credentials are more important than skill or talent. That is absurd, but true.

Certificates should only count if they reliably indicate an individual is exceptionally skilled. Aside from that, they are a diversion. What difference does it make if Mayor Pete attended Oxford if he messes up everything?

Whereas liberals care. Numerous of them believe he ought to be president.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.