Russia Advances in the East

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, cautioned that Russian forces in eastern Ukraine are achieving “undeniable headway.”

Ukrainian forces, therefore, require long-range guided missiles and other military weapons.

Russia is Making Headway

Moscow’s forces have lately conquered many towns in the eastern Donbas region as they aim to encircle Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk, according to the British army headquarters.

Although they do not yet have complete control over the region.

“By May 27, Russian forces probably managed to capture most of Lyman, in the north of East Ukraine Oblast, with what’s likely a prelude to the next stage of Russia’s Donbas attack,” the Ministry of Defence (MoD) mentioned in its regular defense intellectual ability update on Saturday.

MoD was trying to describe the land as “strategically significant,” due to its proximity to rivers and the main railway junction.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Johnson told the media that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “trying to chew through territory in Donbas at tremendous cost to himself and Russian military.”

Johnson likewise informed the media “he’s continually making steady, slow, but I’m afraid, perceptible success.”

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, seemed to back up this prediction on Thursday, saying the scenario in the northeast, where Russian-backed separatists have a footing in two self-declared “people’s governments” since 2014, “is as catastrophic as people claim.”

Prime Minister Johnson went on to say “continuing to back the Ukrainians militarily” was “very critical.”

“They would be capable of defending themselves against this extremely savage Russian weaponry,” Johnson said of long-range numerous rocket system or MLRSs.

The intervention of the British prime minister comes after Foreign Minister Kuleba used social media to plead with foreign followers: “We need big weaponry.”

“The only area where Russia outperforms us is in the number of powerful weapons it possesses. We won’t be able to shove them back without artillery and multiple launch missile systems.”

Although the United Kingdom has several of these systems, Johnson did not say whether his country will deploy any to Ukraine.

The Global Food Shortage

In order to alleviate the rising global food shortage, French President Emmanuel Macron, as well as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to ease the boycott on Ukrainian grain.

Macron, as well as Scholz, asked Putin to ease Russia’s embargo on the port city of Odesa (Odessa) in an 80-minute telephone conversation on Saturday.

This would allow Ukrainian grain and other commodities to flow from the Black Sea to countries that rely on grain.

Despite the fact no restrictions have been imposed on Ukrainian food or fertilizer, Putin claimed in the telephone conversation that grain supplies were hampered by “an erroneous economic and financial strategy of western nations, as well as by anti-Russian sanctions.”