They Will Blame Trump for this – Rest Assured, Its NOT his Fault

Afghanistan fell apart in a mere day, after 20 years, countless American lives, and trillions of money. Consider the magnitude of that mistake. All those decades, all that wealth, all those priceless lives, and it’s over in a single day.

Slow Joe, as well as the fake news media, will find a way to blame former President Donald Trump; it’s reasonable to suppose the Taliban would have ultimately ousted the Afghan government if Trump had been in power, but not like this.

Frances Martel, eloquently articulated what the media would never tell you

Under Donald Trump, America negotiated a deal with the militants that will see the US military presence in Afghanistan, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, cease on May 1, 2021.

In return, the Taliban agreed not to attack American soldiers and to cease relations with foreign jihadist groups, such as al-Qaeda; Al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks on America, which sparked the Afghan War.

However, Biden reneged on the agreement, prolonging the military presence until September then reducing it to August.

Taliban leaders interpreted Biden’s rejection of the pact as permission to launch a statewide assault operation that culminated in the group holding roughly 85 percent of the country, thus according to Taliban officials. Officials from the Taliban also stated they never promised to break relations with al-Qaeda.

So, by breaching the arrangement that Trump negotiated, Biden granted the Taliban militants permission to break their side of the bargain. As a result, we are now running with our tails behind our legs, coping with a national shame not seen since Vietnam in 1975.

This Would Never Have Happened Under President Trump and That’s a Fact

Is anyone seriously believing the Taliban, who saw Trump annihilate ISIS in less than 45 minutes, would employ this assault if Trump were still in office? Is it possible that Trump would have left all of the US weaponry for the terrorists to take?

Nothing was going to prevent Biden from removing our troops from Afghanistan the very day he got into office. Nothing was going to stop Biden from demolishing all of the military hardware that had recently fallen into the hands of terrorists.

Nothing could keep Biden from fulfilling Trump’s agreement. Nothing could stop President Joe Biden from extending our army presence in Afghanistan to defend Americans and sympathetic Afghans until everyone had been successfully evacuated.

Listen, it was time to depart after 20 years. It’s an awful thing to see, but there’s nothing we can do when there aren’t any “Afghan citizens.”

This is a warlord-infested tribal country riddled with corruption. The Taliban did not defeat Americans. America was defeated by a majority of the populace who preferred the 7th period to the 21st.