Top Democrats Press For Biden to Get Tougher on China

Since getting into office, Joe Biden has shown a lackadaisical attitude towards China.

The president hasn’t hesitated to hand over emergency reserves of US oil to the communist nation, nor has he held back on his push for electric vehicle usage in America that would directly benefit China.

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Many Americans worry the president may ultimately be compromised by the communist regime. Both Biden and members of his family have regularly done business with the Chinese over the years, especially during Biden’s stint as vice president.

This raises questions about whether the Chinese have a direct line of control over the president. Even Democrats are now urging the president to draw a line in the sand regarding China, as reported by Fox News.

A Stern Message From Pelosi and Schumer

As China racks up various investments here in the United States, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and other lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want action from the president.

Biden is therefore being called upon to issue an executive order that specifically bars the Chinese from making investments close to various American military sites.

Both congressional Democratic leaders are also throwing their weight behind bills that would stop the Chinese communist regime by halting its investments in America that pose national security concerns.

Thus far, the president has yet to get in line and prove he’s serious about protecting America’s best interest from China. Meanwhile, the Chinese government isn’t showing the United States nearly as much good faith.

Bought and Paid For?

It is Biden’s consistent hesitation to draw a firm line in the sand that has many Americans worrying he’s bought and paid for by the Chinese.

Thus far, it’s very well-known that Biden and his family have received millions from China, a nation that’s been accused of trying to get various US politicians in its back pocket.

Ultimately, if the current president isn’t able or willing to put America’s best interests ahead of China’s, then this does pose a national security risk. It also raises serious questions about who else in the federal government could very well be beholden to China behind the scenes.

America has a lot of challenges and things to be concerned about these days. The last thing anyone should have to think about is whether the current president may possibly be owned by one of the nation’s most serious adversaries.

Do you believe Joe Biden is putting the interests of the Chinese communist regime ahead of the United States’ best interests? What do you think it will take for Biden to stop doing favors, both directly and indirectly, for the Chinese?

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.