Top Military People Warn That Biden’s Military Strategy Makes Him a Pushover

According to top former US Military officials, Joe Biden’s team is in for a big shock once they realize what America’s enemies have been up to lately. According to sources, the Biden administration plans on playing nice by reducing military stockpiles and making the US foreign policy more friendly.

Politico reported the following:

“Veterans of the last administration fear this newly empowered group of progressives may be naive about what can be achieved without undermining U.S. security, and are already warning them to prepare for a shock when they read the latest intelligence,” Bidens team will “be hit by a new reality when they learn more about real-world threats, including China’s major nuclear buildup in recent years.”

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“I think a lot of these guys who are going into government are going to finally start getting classified briefings about what China has been up to,” Tim Morrison, who oversaw the arms control portfolio on the National Security Council under Trump, said. “I want to be a fly in the room. The color is going to drain out of their faces, they are going to sit back in their chairs, and they are going to say ‘oh sh**.’” Politico Reported.

The report noted that Trump “significantly increased spending on nuclear weapons” and other aspects of beefing up the U.S. military, which are initiatives that Democrats are going to look to cut back on, likely to China’s benefit. Democrat Michael Bloomberg praised Trump’s accomplishments with the U.S. military, saying during a presidential debate last year that “the things that I’ve seen recently convinced me that the military today is better prepared than they’ve been in an awful long time and that the moneys they are spending on the war of weapons we need for the next war and not the last one, a common mistake that they’re not making now, they’re doing a good job.” said Politico

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Former Sen. Jon Kyl added his opinion saying that he taught Biden’s plan was “a bad signal and suggests that Biden may be a pushover when it comes to this sort of thing because even those who still see value in New START agree there are some things the United States should be pushing for.”