Trevor Noah Says the Policing System Keeps Black People Down, He’s Wrong, its Actually Democrat Policies.

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Ex-South African Comedian and now the host of the nauseatingly liberal The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, give his thoughts over what’s wrong with America’s police force.

“So my question is: where are the good apples?” he asked. “And honestly, I believe, we don’t see them not because there are no good people on the police force, I think there are many people who are good on the police force. That’s why they join. Because they want to do good. But I think it’s because they themselves know that if they do something, they’re going against the system. The system is more powerful than any individual.”

“The system in policing is doing exactly what it’s meant to do in America, and that is to keep poor people in their place. Who happens to be the most poor in America? Black people,” Noah said. “You monetize them, you imprison them, which monetizes them again — it’s a system. It’s not broken. It’s working the way it’s designed to work. And once you realize that, I feel like you get to a place where you go, ‘Oh, we’re not dealing with bad apples. We’re dealing with a rotten tree that happens to grow good apples.’ But for the most part, the tree that was planted is bearing the fruits that it was intended to.”

The Real suppressor of Black Americans is the Democrat Party. Much of it comes down to gross economic miss management in the form of terrible policies. Democrat inner cities are often poor, run-down, and empty of all business. Why? The first thing Democrat administrators do go on a spending spree of handouts, arts and culture projects, and state-funded infrastructure for the Black community in need. 

“Occupy4Prisoners: The Injustice System on Trial – 4/24/2012” by Daniel Arauz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It all sounds great, it should definitely help in uplifting the black communities, yet it doesn’t and it always gets worse. How is this possible? Because in order to pay for these lavish projects, Democrat cities and states raise taxes. The knock-on effects of this destructive policy can be seen clearly. Higher taxes cause struggling businesses to close, companies to cut staff or pay, and restricts the growth of the start-up sector.

The result of this is that the tax revenue of the city drops sharply. Suddenly it is no longer possible to keep the projects going without raising taxes further, taking loans, and so on, you can see the pattern forming. As a result of all this, black people have been lied to, and they are not uplifted and even sink lower into poverty.