Trouble in Paradise for the Taliban – Possible Civil War

As per Fox News, ISIS-K has taken credit for six blasts produced by improvised explosives (IED) in Jalalabad (the center of eastern Nangarhar Province) last week.

In a series of bombings, upwards of 35 Taliban militia fighters were killed or injured, Amaaq News Agency (the main ISIS media agency) declared in a statement uploaded to its Platform on September 19.

Civil War?

As per the Associated Press (AP), local people in Jalalabad reported more explosions on September 20. Moreover, the AP received unsubstantiated allegations of more Taliban fatalities from Monday’s suspected explosives.

The Islamic Republic of Iraq, as well as Syria-Khorasan, is abbreviated as ISIS-K in English. The terrorist organization is an Afghan branch of ISIS, which is a worldwide terrorist organization in its own right.

According to the Associated Press, despite both having Sunni Sharia views with ISIS, Afghanistan’s insurgency remains a “sworn opponent” of the Islamic Republic.

The branch has rapidly attracted hard-line Taliban dissenters and international militants dissatisfied with the Taliban’s extremely liberal ways, the US-based agency reported on September 20.

As per the Associated Press, ISIS-K is accused of carrying out some of Afghanistan’s most horrific attacks and threats on classrooms, mosques, and even a newborn facility, primarily targeting the Shiite Muslim population.

The attack of Hamid Karzai Airport Terminal in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 26 caused the lives of at least 182 persons, comprising 169 innocent civilians and 13 US military members.

During several times, the Taliban stated Afghanistan will not be utilized as a base for terrorist strikes by foreign troops. The organization took control of Afghanistan on August 15 after ousting Kabul’s US-backed administration; they also assured China explicitly in late July that they would stop the country from ever becoming a jihadist launching platform.

On July 28, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (the leader of the Taliban’s legislative committee) informed Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Tianjin, China that the Afghan Taliban will never permit any army to exploit Afghan territory to participate in acts hostile against China.

At a media briefing in Kabul on September 14, Amir Khan Mutaqi (the Taliban’s then-newly appointed foreign affairs minister) warned journalists the Taliban will not allow anything or any organizations to use its territory against any other nations.

More Troubles for the Taliban

Gujarat Chief Prosecutor Kalpesh Goswami affirmed to the international press on Tuesday that India’s Bureau of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) apprehended approximately three metric tones of narcotics sourced from Afghanistan. This is collectively worth approximately $2.72 billion.

The DRI, India’s primary anti-smuggling body, said it got information that two container ships arriving at Mundra Port recently contained heroin and stopped the cargo. Intelligence pointed to Afghanistan as the source of these drugs.

As a result, DRI personnel detained the shipment (two crates, 40 tonnes) for investigation under the terms of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.