Trump, Fauci Clash on “Final Turn” of Coronavirus in America

"President Trump Delivers a Statement fro" (Public Domain) by The White House

From the jump, “the experts” have repeatedly gotten information wrong as it pertains to coronavirus. The messages from scientists on mask-wearing and other issues have repeatedly shifted, as have the goalposts of mitigation strategies cited as necessary.

Anthony Fauci became one of the most well-known doctors amid this year’s bout with coronavirus. Fauci, like other health officials, has also flip-flopped on various issues; he’s furthermore found himself clashing with President Trump on more than one occasion when addressing COVID-19.


On Friday, Trump and Fauci clashed with one another yet again when the latter challenged Trump’s assessment that America is nearing our “final turn” with COVID-19, according to Breitbart News.

The Latest News on COVID-19 in the United States

Earlier this week, President Trump told Americans that the “final turn” of coronavirus is all but here. Of course, Trump based this claim on documented evidence and data; for instance, multiple states are seeing steep declines in coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths, especially since the summer.

It’s also important to note that these declines are maintaining even as parts of the nation re-engage labor market sectors and allow Americans to get back to work. Despite these documented drops in coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths, Dr. Fauci still has a different version of events.

In fact, Fauci outrightly contradicted President Trump multiple times this week. The coronavirus task force doctor encouraged the nation to hunker down and prepare for a tough go with coronavirus come this fall and winter.

During an interview with MSNBC, Fauci also claimed that the 45th president is incorrect in his assessment that COVID-19’s “final turn” is upon us. When asked by the interviewer about Trump’s remark of this nature, Fauci stated that current coronavirus statistics are “disturbing.”

The coronavirus task force doctor also made a point of noting increased positivity rates for the virus in select areas; Fauci did not, however, acknowledge that testing positive for the virus does not equate to an automatic death sentence or even sickness.

After all, coronavirus continues to maintain a survivability rate that goes past 99%.

A Return to Normal?

The prospect of getting back to normal is an important matter to many Americans. Job loss continues to wreak havoc on many lives, as do the mental health complications of isolation and ongoing lockdowns.

During Fauci’s time on MSNBC, he also had some thoughts to share about when the nation should realistically expect to get back to the pre-coronavirus norm. According to the coronavirus task force doctor, such a return may not happen until “well into” next year or even the very end of 2021.

Do you believe President Trump or Anthony Fauci on the prospect of COVID-19’s “final turn?” Is a return to normal really not coming until next year? Be sure to enlighten us with your thoughts down below in the comments section.