Trump Gets ‘Friendly Fire’ Warning He Might Not Win in 2024

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham has given Trump a grave warning, namely that Trump should stop obsessing over the 2020 presidential election, or he risks losing 2024.

Trump ‘Has a Great Chance’ to Win Again

Trump has been hinting strongly that he will be running for another White House term.

Besides that, all public opinion polls among Republican voters find him as the categorical favorite for the 2024 nomination, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being a distant second.

At the same time, however, Republican pundits are starting to criticize Trump over his constant dwelling on the fairness of the 2020 presidential election.

Graham, the long-time GOP senator from South Carolina, has been saying in recent months the 2024 GOP presidential nomination is Trump’s for the taking.

Now, Graham is warning Trump to focus on his new platform, rather than concentrate on the 2020 election results. Graham issued his warning for Trump in a Sunday interview with ABC News’ “This Week”.

He acknowledged the 2020 presidential election exposed serious problems, which need to be addressed. However, at the same time, the South Carolina senator stated the past presidential vote is over for him.

In his words, Trump has a great chance to become president of the United States once again in 2024. However, he should focus on comparing his presidential term with the utter mess Biden is creating at the moment, instead of obsessing over the 2020 election.

Still Rooting for Trump, Despite RINO Label

According to Graham, if Trump keeps looking backward, that will hurt his chances of entering the White House in January 2025, and it is also hurting the Republican Party.

Trump and Graham recently fell out after the former branded the latter “a RINO”, i.e. a Republican in Name Only.

This was after the South Carolina senator criticized Trump’s promise to pardon those sentenced over the January 6, 2021 breach of the US Capitol building if he becomes president again.

Regardless of that, however, in his Sunday interview, Graham made it clear he was still rooting for Trump to triumph in 2024. However, he emphasized the 45th president of the United States ought to start talking about the future and not the past.

For instance, Trump should be speaking out about how to fix the totally broken southern border, heal the damages caused by Biden’s economic agenda, and how to preserve global peace and security, Graham advised.

According to the GOP senator from South Carolina, Biden’s ratings are collapsing for one single major reason, namely, that his far-left, Democrat policies simply are not working.

Graham insisted, however, for Donald Trump to be able to win back the White House in 2024, he should be talking about what he achieved as president, along with what he is capable of achieving if he wins again.