Trump Holds Mega-Rally, Leaves Biden Shaking

Former President Trump has faced “more incoming” than perhaps any politician in US history.

Most recently, that includes a raid on his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida and a leftist campaign to put him behind bars.

It also included a bizarre and frightening speech last Thursday in which Biden stood in front of blood-red lighting at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and threatened conservatives as disloyal, dangerous traitors.

Most people would run and hide, but not Trump. As he’s made clear, when somebody hits him, he punches back twice as hard.

He made that crystal clear during a Saturday night rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Trump Bodyslams Biden

A packed stadium roared and cheered as Trump took Biden to the woodshed on Saturday night, saying Biden’s Philly speech was insane and ridiculous.

As Trump said, Biden appeared to be the actual “devil.” His speech was a bizarre parade of lies and dangerous accusations against American patriots.

Trump also spoke about the left’s ongoing persecution of him. He mentioned how the Biden regime weaponized the FBI and DOJ to come after him and try to prevent him from running in 2024 and having a future.

As Trump said, the “shameless” and illegal raid would have been something an American president would denounce if it happened in a South American or foreign nation at the home of a political opponent.

Though Democrats don’t care because it’s their side doing it. As usual, of course, Trump is entirely correct.

Trump is Over?

People like conservative commentator Ann Coulter have been saying Trump is “done” and the Republican Party and candidates can now safely ignore him and go back to normal.

How does she figure? Did she see the size of this crowd in Pennsylvania and their enthusiasm? In what way, exactly, is Trump over?

Did Coulter see the results of the primary in Wyoming where establishment hack Liz Cheney had her behind swiftly handed to her despite months of propaganda, mainstream media support, and trying to switch state Democrats into Republicans to vote for her?

Trump is clearly not over. If anything, he appears to just be getting started.

The Bottom Line

Trump isn’t scared of Biden, but Biden and the left are scared of him. It couldn’t be more clear. That’s why they tried twice to impeach him, failing miserably both times.

That’s why they launched a deep state plot against him accusing him falsely of conspiring with Russia. That’s why Biden gave his unhinged dictator speech on Thursday in Philadelphia.

That’s why the FBI combed through Mar-a-Lago.

They’re scared of Trump, and it’s not just him. First and foremost, they’re scared of how many people love him and how much they love him, because they know those Trump supporters aren’t going to shut up or go away any time soon.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.