Trump: Inflation Costing American Families $1,000 A Month

During a rally in support of his backed politicians in Arizona over the weekend, President Trump discussed the effects of skyrocketing costs on American families.

He portrayed a “nation in decay,” encouraging rallygoers to vote out Democrats and “rescue this nation.”

Soaring Inflation Costing Americans

At a rally, he urged “hard-working Americans” to vote Republican and “rescue this country” by saying soaring inflation was costing Arizona households $1,000 per month.

Trump portrayed a chaotic America under President Biden’s leadership during the event in Mesa.

As per oil researcher Patrick De Haan, fuel prices have reversed their previous decrease, with the nationwide average up for the third consecutive week and the cost of diesel returning to $5 per gallon.

In order to bring down gas prices prior to an election, Trump blamed Biden for reducing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to its lowest point in decades.

Trump continued by saying, “You’re gonna be like a space rocket the day following the election.”

The markets for heating oil, aviation fuel, and diesel have experienced an “extraordinary increase,” according to Tom Kloza, an authority on the North American fuel markets.

The arrival of certain ugly inflation to airfares, home comforts, and freight, according to Kloza. Then, the former president provided a sobering projection of how much rising costs will affect Arizonan households.

America Failing Under Democratic Rule

According to Trump, inflation is costing the average Arizona household approximately $1,000 every month. “Consider that, nearly $11,000 annually.”

He talked about how criminals are making money off of a border that has been “totally demolished,” while U.S. household wealth is declining at a historically high rate.

Since Biden assumed office, “the cartels and people smugglers have seen their revenues rise” by 2,500 percent,” according to Trump.

The former president continued by emphasizing the nation was headed in the wrong direction under the leadership of a Democratic-controlled Congress and White House.

Trump declared, “We are a country in decline. We are a country that, in many respects, has degenerated into a farce.”

“We’re not going to let this atrocity go on. Hard-working Americans like you are helping to protect this country,” Trump said.

At the gathering, Eileen Satter of Scottsdale was one of the hordes of Trump supporters.

In order to “gain full control of the borders, get a handle on fentanyl pouring into the nation, and cut gasoline prices and inflation,” Satter said she intends to cast a Republican ballot on November 8.

According to Satter, Biden’s use of the SPR is an “intentional” action designed to lower gas costs “a little bit before the election.”

The Phoenix resident Robert Zegley told The Epoch Times he expects Republicans to triumph handily in the next midterm elections. Zegley remarked, “I think momentum is shifting towards the right. It may not be a decisive victory.”