Trump is Back with a Bang

On Saturday, Republican President Trump will return to the public stage. Trump will hold his highly anticipated political event in Georgia.

Georgia is a key battlefield in the 2022 midterms that could determine if Republicans reclaim a majority in the Senate. However, the trip appears to be emotional for the previous president.

Georgia is the Key State

Georgia is one of only a few places where now-President Biden beat Trump to take the presidency by a razor-thin margin. Also, it’s a place where Trump has failed – and keeps failing – in his attempt to alter the results of the election in 2020.

It’s likewise a place where Trump has pledged to remove an entrenched conservative governor and a conservative secretary of state for failing to decertify the election results, despite Trump’s demands.

“Are you prepared for my Big Rally in GEORGIA?” Trump said in a fundraiser email to donors during the week. “Georgia is vital to our plans to retake the House and Senate in 2022, and ultimately the White House in 2024, which is why this event is so essential to me.”

Sen. Raphael Warnock, who earned a razor-thin plurality in Georgia’s double Senate runoff election in January, is seen by conservatives as one of the most dangerous liberals seeking reelection next year.

The GOP just has to gain one seat to reclaim the majority in the Senate they squandered in the Georgia runoff elections. Warnock’s is among four seats they hope to convert from blue to red in the elections.

Furthermore, two Georgia congressmembers are among the GOP’s long list of weak House Democrats seeking reelection next year. Meanwhile, conservatives need just a five-seat net gain in the 435-member chamber to reclaim control.

Herschel Walker will accompany Trump and appear before him at the event. The event itself will be hosted at the Georgian National Exposition in Perry. Perry is the Georgia government’s central region, as Fox News first announced previously in the week.

Trump’s Contender is Strong

Trump praised his longstanding buddy and longtime professional college football star. Walker started a Senate candidacy late last month.

Some of those in Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s inner circle had reservations about Trump’s approval of Walker. This is a Trump alliance with powerful name recognition in Georgia; however, Walker is a first-time contender with baggage that could be exploited by his opponents.

This baggage could jeopardize the GOP’s chances of turning the crucial blue Senate seat conservative. When asked about Walker’s participation at the event on Saturday, Warnock told reporters, “God bless ’em.”

Trump, meanwhile, keeps making accusations that the 2020 presidential race was “rigged” and “taken” from him. Still, he remains the kingmaker in Republicans Party politics and is teasing another White House run in 2024.

Trump addressed a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger last week (more than 10 months after last year’s presidential race) requesting that he consider a “decertification” of Trump’s loss in the state.