Trump Smacks Down Lies of the January 6 Commission With Epic Rebuttal

President Trump has been out of office for almost two years now. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from pursuing their endless witch hunts against him.

You’d think a disproven Russiagate conspiracy and two failed impeachments would have taught the left Trump is not someone you trifle with. Though it apparently has not taught them anything but to double down on their lies.

Now, they’re going after him once again, this time over the events of January 6, 2021.

As our economy melts down and war rages in Europe, we’re told to focus on whether Trump’s mean words are the reason that a few federal informants and angry Americans broke into the Capitol.

Yet, now Trump has come out with a 12-page smackdown of the accusations against him. It is, to be honest, epic.

What Does Trump Say?

Trump says the J6 hearings are all about trying to distract America.

As he notes, Biden and the left are “failing” and hoping that continuing to circle back to J6 will somehow get people’s minds off the current ugly reality.

The J6 committee has been building a case for months now and claims it has enough to put Trump behind bars. Is that true or just bluster? If they do, then why don’t they get to it?

Trump’s 12-page rebuttal says the 2020 election was full of fraudulent behavior and says ballots were illegally submitted, as shown in Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2,000 Mules. 

Trump also said there’s simply no way Biden legally and fairly won Pennsylvania and Georgia with more Black and Hispanic ballots than Obama got in 2012. Officially, that’s exactly what happened.

He also shed suspicion on Michigan and other states for taking extra time to count votes.

Trump says this extra time was when Biden ballots were dumped into the mix in order to bring home wins for the establishment and kick him out of office.

Barr Laughs at Trump’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Claims

Former Attorney General Bill Barr previously laughed at Trump’s reference to 2,000 Mules, saying it is not a convincing or fact-based documentary at all whatsoever.

Barr also said he repeatedly warned Trump to back down on his election fraud claims, which he said are “idiotic bullsh*t.”

However, it’s clear Trump isn’t going to let any amount of mockery or disagreement get him to back down on his claims of 2020 election fraud.

In his 12-page statement, Trump slams the “swamp creatures” who are being singled out and primaried by America First candidates as the people stand up to the corruption of the leftist and centrist establishment.

Trump said the United States is in a “nosedive” and “tragedies” are being caused on a daily basis by Democrat mismanagement that is making people “angry and sad.”