Trump’s poll ratings break new records, beat Obama & Bush

Despite constant misreporting by the hostile media, President Trump’s approval ratings have held firm. A new Gallup poll shows that Trump’s ratings are not only at their highest level ever but that his ratings are ahead of Obama or Bush Jr. at the same stage in their presidencies. The numbers are just shy of the 51% considered to be a guarantee of re-election for an incumbent president.

Voters losing trust in the corporate media

In related good news for the president, a different poll run by McLaughlin & Associates shows that 48% of Americans believe that the corporate media has treated Trump unfairly. Americans are waking up to the reality that journalists say what they’re paid to say, professional principles notwithstanding. A YouGov poll shows that less than a third of Americans blame Trump for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

John McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates has said, “They play to a small active, deranged, anti-Trump base for clicks on the internet. That’s not journalism. In the process, they disregard facts and destroy their own credibility. The establishment media is no longer an independent, nonpartisan check and balance on both major parties. Instead, they are an extension of the liberal Democratic Party.”

Polls still show Biden with a slight lead on Trump, but it’s nothing like the ‘sure thing’ coronation that Hillary was supposed to enjoy in 2016. Biden has a lot of public image management to deal with. First, there is his constant stream of senior moments every time he appears in the media. Then there is the very credible sexual abuse allegation from Tara Reade. More explosively in a world with an objective media industry, are the gradually unfolding revelations of deep corruption that Biden took part in during the Obama Administration. Rudy Giuliani has found that he partook in stealing $100 million from Ukraine.

Trump campaign effectively reaching out to Hispanic voters


Meanwhile, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a Democrat, has pointed out that the Trump campaign has succeeded in having better outreach to the Hispanic community than Biden has. Hispanic voters are one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the USA. They often display traditional family values, making them natural Republicans. Regarding Biden’s strategy for targeting Hispanic voters, Richardson has said, ‘I just don’t see it.’ Nevertheless, Biden is being pressured by Latino groups to choose a Hispanic woman as a running mate.