Tucker Carlson Unleashes Several Major Bombshells

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson appears to be in the middle of launching an epic comeback. Word has just broken that he’s going to be starting a new show on Twitter. This is a show that many of his fans and followers are looking forward to seeing.

In the wake of Fox News’ choice to terminate Carlson’s employment, a decent amount of conservatives say they’re done tuning into the network.

However, it looks as though Carlson may not be totally done with Fox News after all, according to new developments from the Gateway Pundit.

Get Ready

Not only is Carlson starting his own show, but new reports indicate that he’s also hitting Fox News for breaching its contractual agreement with him.

Legal counsel representing Carlson maintains that since the network dropped him, it’s no longer in the position to enforce the noncompete clause within his contract.

If Fox News attempts to enforce this clause anyway, this could very well lead to a nasty legal battle. Right now, Fox is already dealing with legal problems from Dominion Voting Systems.

Ironically, it is these legal problems that many Americans believe played a role in Carlson being let go. Then, there’s also the view that Fox News wants to keep Carlson quiet, despite the network sacking him late last month.

Plenty of Options on the Table

Since his exit from Fox News, Tucker Carlson has been on the receiving end of multiple job offers. These offers have come from media companies such as Rumble, Valuetainment, etc.

Though since Carlson isn’t technically out of his contract with Fox News, despite being fired, he needs to fully sever this connection before proceeding further. This is ultimately why his lawyers are in contact with Fox, warning that the noncompete clause is now null and void.