TUI Airways Outlaws Iconic “Ladies and Gentlemen” Phrase

"OO-TNC_B738SWL_TUI Airlines Belgium" by Luc Verkuringen

The administration from the holiday flight company TUI informed their pilots and cabin crew that passengers are no longer to be addressed as “ladies and gentlemen.”

They should resort to using gender-neutral terms, instead.

This is only one in a wave of these changes already adopted by other major airline companies like Lufthansa, EasyJet, and Air Canada.

All of them are likely following in British Airways’ footsteps, hoping to get the same praise the company did for implementing the change in October 2021.

“flight attendant” by Bernal Saborio

Flight company adopts gender-neutral terminology

Flight crew on TUI flights will now be addressing those on the plane with phrases like “Good morning, passengers,” a radical change that left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

One such was Andrew Alison, an associate at the Freedom Association. He shunned the move, claiming the company “has their head in the clouds” and the previous phrase was perfectly fine as is.

He added such a major change feels unnecessary, especially if all it does is pander to the tiny minority that may feel offended by the traditional greeting.

Another proponent of free speech, Toby Young, added the trans community makes up for barely 0.5% of the population.

What’s more, a large portion of trans people don’t actually care about these changes. A survey has shown under 10% of transgender people find these sorts of changes empowering, influential, and “crucial” to the development of the community.

40-hour delays don’t seem to be the priority

However, a spokesman at TUI assured the company will remain steady in its decision.

The move was completed to make sure all public announcements on their aircraft were inclusive, almost as if they haven’t got other issues to worry about.

Most notably are their constant flight delays.

These delays caused some holidaymakers to wait for over 40 hours to board a flight from Cardiff Airport to Zakynthos; whereas those attempting to fly to Ibiza have reportedly been delayed by over 24 hours.

The people on these delayed flights were left with next to no food or drink. Even after the passengers traveling to Greece boarded on Wednesday, they were forced to abandon the plane once again, due to a health-related emergency.

In an attempt to salvage its reputation, the company claimed it’ll never cancel flights due to how much loyal customers look forward to their holiday-related travels.

Although, with such poor management paired with a needless focus on “woke” policies, there are bound to be very few customers left by the end of it.

Despite claiming passengers were offered overnight accommodations, food, and refreshments, there’s no recorded evidence of it; the entire statement is probably a media coverup orchestrated by the company.

If anything, people told they’re going to be waiting for another ten hours won’t be offended when they’re addressed by the company staff with gender-neutral lingo.