Twelve More Biden Family Members Exposed in Foreign Dealings

The head of the House Oversight Committee predicted on Sunday that no fewer than twelve more members of President Biden’s family would be revealed to have taken funds from foreign sources.

Biden Crime Family

Rep. James Comer told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News that there’s not likely to be anyone left to take a Christmas picture if the DOJ carried out its duty.

It could charge every person who had any kind of signatures engaged in this impact-peddling arrangement.

Comer remarked that the whole family is involved. Aside from the powerful Joe Biden, not a single member of the Biden clan was able to make any decisions that would have an impact on foreign policy.

The president’s brother Frank and son Hunter’s international activities are simply the very tip of a huge iceberg, according to Comer. He predicted the total amount of involved Biden family members will increase from nine to about 12.

He claimed that his oversight panel is still looking through financial documents and suspicious activity alerts that suggest people associated with the first family are making money.

This money would be made by transacting with foreign firms through restricted-liability organizations that conceal names.

Comer said he thinks there were, in fact, approximately 12 of those LLCs set up by Biden relatives in order in order to conceal where the majority of the income was originating from.

Comer said they acquired this via their sources, through the investigation they conducted throughout the previous year and by means of other independent reporting.

According to Comer, there are actually a lot more LLCs. Many additional nations were engaged with and currently, there are numerous additional Biden members.

Business With Terrible Countries

Comer claimed less savory nations than communist China are involved in business transactions. He says China is probably the best country they were doing business with.