Ukrainian President Says Russia Plans to Exhaust Ukraine

In an effort to demoralize Ukraine, according to the president of Ukraine, Russia is planning an extensive drone strike campaign.

Russia Plans to Overwhelm Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky stated he obtained information inputs indicating the assaults would be conducted by Iranian-made Shahed drones.

It follows a Ukrainian attack that allegedly killed hundreds of Russian servicemen in the Donbas region. In an extraordinarily uncommon admission of military losses, Russia stated 63 of its soldiers were killed in the raid.

Zelensky stated in his daily broadcast from Kiev that Russia intended to tire Ukraine with a sustained onslaught of drone strikes.

He said they will do everything in their power to make sure Russia’s plot fails and now is the time for everyone associated with the conservation of the sky to be particularly vigilant.

The number of Russian drone attacks against Ukraine appears to have escalated lately, with Moscow carrying out attacks on towns and energy plants around the nation over the course of the last three nights.

According to reporters, in addition to the pressure on Ukraine’s military, which must detect and destroy the drones, there is also a protracted effect on the civilian populace, which endures uncertainty, anxiety, and chaos caused by the strikes.

Russia has been assaulting Ukraine’s electric grid for several months, demolishing power stations and putting millions of people into darkness throughout the frigid winter months.

Zelensky stated that Ukrainian air defenses gunned down around 80 Iranian drones in the first few days of 2023.

Meanwhile, Ukraine revealed it conducted an attack in the occupied province of Donetsk, in which it claimed 400 Russian soldiers were killed.

Russian officials disputed the number, claiming only 63 soldiers were killed. Both claims have not been confirmed and site access is limited.

Governor Dmitry Azarov, who advised relatives to consult a helpline or local military offices, stated a number of those killed and injured were from the Samara region in Russia’s southwest.

On Tuesday, wreaths were set in the principal cities of the area, Samara and Tolyatti, in memory of the deceased.

Russian soldiers were deployed in a vocational school situated in the city of Makiivka, which was the target of an assault said to have occurred while Russians welcomed the new year.

Russia Lies

Very rarely does Moscow acknowledge battlefield losses. Steve Rosenberg, the BBC’s Russia editor, notes that silence was likely not an option in light of the severity of this assault.

It is the biggest number of deaths recognized by Moscow in a single event since the beginning of the conflict ten months ago.

According to a report published by Russia’s defense ministry on Monday, Ukrainian forces launched six missiles from a rocket system produced in the United States called Himars against a structure containing Russian troops.

It claimed two of them were gunned down.