Underage Girls Have Wombs Removed in Children’s National Hospital in DC

Female minors aged 16 or younger are undergoing hysterectomies, that is, surgeries to have their wombs removed, in order to “transition” to “trans males” or other “transgender identities,” at the National Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC.

This is happening even though the hospital management claims such operations aren’t performed on girls below 18, a report revealed.

Transgenderism on the March and Seems Unstoppable

The vile transgenderism and gender ideology propaganda are seeing a growing number of American children deluded to go down the “transition” path for no rational reason whatsoever, very often getting maimed for life.

The monstrosity in question is designed to serve the vile political goals of the far-left radicals who wish to supplant today’s America with a woke, totalitarian anti-utopia.

The transgenderism crusade against American families and kids has become so extremist that it is now targeting even toddlers and babies ages one to three. These kids, according to the trans propagandists, are getting set out on their own “gender discovery journeys.”

Apparently, young girls getting their wombs cut out at a young age is a major milestone on those delusional “gender-affirming journeys.”

The Children’s National Hospital in the nation’s capital is one of those road stations where the barbaric maiming in question can get done.

Where Young Girls Go to Get Their Wombs Cut Out

Even though the hospital in question claims hysterectomies aren’t being done to girls under 18 years of age, a report by The Daily Wire revealed this is a lie.

The monstrous surgeries are being performed by the same institution on girls aged 16 or younger. In the report, a Daily Wire journalist posed as the mother of a 16-year-old girl wishing to get a “gender-affirming hysterectomy.”

On Thursday night, the National Children’s Hospital in Washington told the conservative news outlet via email that hysterectomies are reserved for women over 18 years of age.  Hormone treatments at the hospital are available to children, but never “before puberty.”

A hospital staffer, however, was later recorded by a Daily Wire journalist as exposing the shocking truth; womb removals are performed on substantially younger patients, such as adolescent girls.

Reporter Chaya Raichik called the Children’s National Hospital in order to ask if her hypothetical 16-year-old daughter could have her womb cut out there; a staffer said yes.

When asked whether this is a “common procedure for that age,” the staffer responded “all types of age groups” go to their hospital for hysterectomies.

The pretend mother then asked, “out of curiosity,” about the “youngest age” at which the Children’s National Hospital would remove a womb.

The staffer said kind of information cannot be disclosed, but admits to having “seen younger kids” having the surgery, younger than 16.

The website of the Children’s National Hospital in DC does brag about giving hysterectomies to patients aged between 0 and 21.

The report notes this led the hospital to face “increased scrutiny,” but it is unclear whether any practical consequences could be expected.

In its official comment to The Daily Wire, the hospital in Washington, DC ranted on about how “committed” it is to “fostering a welcoming and inclusive” medical care environment for its “LGBTQ+ patients and families.”

At the same time, it clearly lied that “gender-affirming surgery” isn’t provided to “anyone under 18.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.