The Border Crisis is Getting Worse

Upwards of 4,700 migrants unlawfully entered Texas over the past week, according to Del Rio Area Border Patrol agents, with at least 1,600 “getting away” without even being captured.

The Horrific Details

Director Jason D. Owens of the Del Rio Sector Chief Division released a video in which he stated his agents detained 3,133 migrants over the week.

A total of 1,614 migrants are considered “getaways.” Border Patrol personnel use the phrase “getaways” to describe the number of migrants who pass without being arrested.

They comprise migrants who are seen on patrol or by surveillance technology, but manage to flee. Some agents are unable to reach illegal crossers due to other duties, such as processing big groups of migrants.

Del Rio agents also rescued 11 migrants. Seven migrants were recovered by BORSTAR border personnel early Saturday, according to Breitbart Texas.

Upwards of 10,500 migrants were rescued along the southwestern border with Mexico between April 30 and May 1. This is down from 12,833 for the whole fiscal year.

Agents saved 5,071 and 4,920 people in FY20 and FY19, correspondingly.

Not every migrant is as fortunate as these seven.

Del Rio Sector police uncovered the remains of three migrants the other week, according to Breitbart Texas. Two of the migrants perished, while the third was discovered on a farm near Uvalde, Texas, by agents.

Over the evening, Chief Owens identified four more fatalities, two from drowning and two from being discovered dead on inner farms miles away from the border.

Border Agents personnel from the Tucson Sector captured a large group of migrants trying to enter the United States after jumping the Mexican border into Arizona.

The agents were transported to the location by a CBP Air and Marine Operations chopper team, due to the rough topography of the mountainous region.

When will the Biden Administration Act?

Agent John R. Modlin of the Tucson Area Chief Patrol posted photographs of a group of migrants getting captured by authorities near Nogales, Arizona.

In response to several 911 calls, a CBP AMO aircraft aircrew transported Border Search, Trauma, and Recovery (BORSTAR) agents and Border Patrol Tactical (BORTAC) officers into the hilly territory west of Nogales.

The agents tracked down the 23 migrants and apprehended them. The migrants were seen using camouflage to escape discovery and arrest.

Tucson Sector officers captured 25,237 migrants in April, according to the most current data available from CBP.

As per the April Southern Land Border Encounters Report, this symbolizes a nearly 25% increase, compared to the previous April.

Tucson became the third worst of the nine southwestern border sectors, as a result of this increase.

The 25,000 arrests brought the year-to-date tally for the industry to 147,860 migrants, up 47.2 percent from the same period the previous year.

Border Patrol officials have captured over 1.2 million migrants all along the southwestern border with Mexico thus far. The new high is a nearly 68 percent increase over the same time in FY21.