US Army Decimated of All Troops Due to Biden’s Vaccine Rules

Weeks after Army authorities stated some 60,000 troops won’t be able to perform their jobs, a Republican legislator on Monday cautioned the National Guard’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement may potentially cripple the military.

Army Destroyed

According to Rep. Michael Waltz, a retired Military Green Beret, if the mandate is finally imposed, the Guard “will be hobbled because of a lack of severance pay.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin gave an arbitrarily defined deadline for the National Guard and Reserves to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

He did this notwithstanding Congress’ requirement that the Department of Defense establish rules under which service personnel can be excluded. Waltz wrote about this for Fox News, saying the Army will be decimated.

President Biden’s upcoming decision “may penalize the very military members who’ve been on the front trenches of battling this epidemic,” he said.

“So far, around 60,000 National Guard, as well as Reserves, remain unvaccinated.”

Waltz claimed in the middle of the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the Chinese regime’s military expansion, the U.S. military is “being reduced” due to subpar recruitment attempts, “woke brainwashing,” and regulations.

The congressman noted the hurricane season, which typically begins in August, and the wildfire season are both about to begin in the United States.

Since the requirement was put into effect, two things have changed. First, research indicates that the vaccination does not halt the spreading, but rather lessens symptoms, according to Waltz.

Secondly, thousands upon thousands of National Guard and Reserve members have raised grave concerns over the vaccine’s urgent development.

“Many of these military personnel have previously been exposed to COVID-19,” he said.

“Last year’s budget resolution expressly requests the government to explore if prior exposures create persistent antibody defense, which may provide similar levels of resistance as the vaccination.”

National Guard Destroyed

The Army said earlier in the month that 22,000 Reserve troops and 40,000 National Guard members who refused the vaccination would be relieved of their responsibilities.

An Army representative issued a statement in which she said the following:

“Soldiers who defy the vaccine order without an authorized or lasting exemption application are subject to adverse administrative measures, including flags, bans to service, and formal reprimands.

At least 22 military personnel experienced severe, vaccine-related adverse effects, including heart dysfunction, according to JAMA research.

While this is the case, few military personnel have received religious exemptions, with only 20 in the Army and six in the Guard receiving approval.

A number of House Republicans have sworn not to expel Guardsmembers who have not received their vaccinations.

The governors of Wyoming, Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Nebraska informed the Pentagon in a statement last year that troops are not required to adhere to federal military doctrine.

The Pentagon has been approached by The Epoch Times for comment.