Vaccinated or Not, Mask Mandates are Back

On Monday, Washington’s inside mask rule was officially restored. This happened months after the mandate for vaccinated people was lifted, requiring establishments to punish people who do not wear a mask.

It has people wondering, what was the point? If the vaccine is so necessary to protect Americans, why will masks provide any further protection? Should we assume the vaccine is not as effective as they said? Or are there ulterior motives?

Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee, a previous presidential contender, said last week that the mask mandate would be reinstated on Monday, August 23. This is mandating both vaccinated and unvaccinated people to wear masks in confined spaces.

Do Mask Mandates even Work?

According to the liberal government’s decree, companies are forbidden from permitting people to register or stay in an interior space unless they are wearing a face covering in compliance with the Secretary of Health’s mask order.

Organizations must put a notice in a prominent area accessible to customers at each entrance advising them of the face-covering rule; staff must follow the same rules. There are a few exceptions, such as secluded office spaces or settings where one is working solo, such as in one’s automobile.

We’ve seen how extensive masking saves lives by lowering infections over the previous year, Inslee said at the time. He also conceded that the masking requirement will irritate some immunized people who believe they should not have to do it again.

There aren’t enough individuals who have been immunized. As a consequence, a much more contagious strain, the Delta variant, has exploded in popularity, posing a growing threat to people of all ages, he concluded.

It’s the Same Story Countrywide

Significantly, Inslee has followed the example of his blue state colleagues and mandated that all educators in the state get immunized. Workers in private and charter schools are also subject to the obligation. Those who decline to get immunized will be fired, as per the governor’s administration.

Weeks of public health authorities advocating immunization as the primary method to restore pre-pandemic normality led to the state’s contentious mask mandate. However, several officials have reversed their views in recent weeks, restoring mask restrictions.


Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reversed course over the summertime. They advised vaccinated people to wear a mask inside in public if they are in a location where transmission is considerable or high.

With Biden’s popularity on the decline, will policies such as these add to public distrust in leftist leadership of the nation? It’s hard to tell, but for now, it is clear many are feeling upset with the mixed stories Democrats are putting out. The vaccine is the ultimate measure, yet mask requirements are returning. It’s no wonder people are distrustful.