Bad News for Trump in January 6 Probe

As Americans struggle with record-high prices for food and gas, as World War III looms on the horizon, Democrats have come up with a plan to tackle these problems. Just joking: we’re talking about the Democrat Party here.

No, instead of fixing any actual problems facing the country or the world, these leftists are going after Donald Trump again, issuing a subpoena from the January 6 committee.

Trump now has to swear under oath about what happened on that day and keep dragging this meaningless process on. Do the Democrats seriously think this will win them the midterms?

Why is Trump Under Subpoena?

We already know Trump was warned on January 6 about protests getting out of control.

Why would you warn about something if they were behind it and had been planning it? You warn somebody about something they need to know about in order to try to stop it.

Then again, logic never stopped the left and they’re determined to move forward with this narrative that Trump somehow schemed and conspired to overthrow the election, using minions of rabid MAGA foot soldiers to storm the Capitol.

The committee has evidence Trump did disagree with the election; he still maintains the 2020 results were rigged. Though the idea that riots were engineered by him to “overturn” the election so far has no proof and remains a Democratic conspiracy theory.

However, unlike right-wing conspiracies which remain fringe and even end up prosecuted (as in the recent case of Alex Jones being ordered to pay out $965 million to families of Sandy Hook victims he lied about), there are zero consequences for the spreading of far-left conspiracies. 

In fact, those who do so are often rewarded with jobs on MSNBC, CNN, and in the Biden White House.

What Comes Next?

There’s no reason for Trump to agree with this subpoena and go along with this show trial. He’s already made it clear he doesn’t respect the investigation being done by Liz Cheney and her committee, calling it a “bust” and illegitimate.

The committee says Trump is a traitor and goes on and on about democracy. Though staging this stunt two weeks before the midterm elections is incredibly tone-deaf politically.

Even if the committee does pass along a criminal referral to the Department of Justice, everyone is sick to death of this kangaroo court nonsense.

There are real problems facing the world, not just hype trying to blame Trump for a massive rally in which some people got out of control.

The so-called “insurrection” has been the main focus of Democrats ever since it happened because they have nothing to offer the country. So instead, they just talk on and on about Trump. Let it go, losers.

The Bottom Line

Let’s move on. There are real issues facing the country.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.