Violence on the Streets of New York as Jews are Attacked

"Flag of Israel" by Zachi Evenor is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is almost unthinkable that a conflict in a faraway land would lead to violence in the heart of America. Yet on Thursday night, Jews living in New York City were violently attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters following the announcement of a truce between the two.

“Brooklyn Orthodox Jews” by iakoubtchik is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The situation started when a pro-Israel demonstration in the city attracted a counter-protest on behalf of pro-Palestinians. According to the Times of Israel, the violent clash happened in the Diamond District in midtown Manhattan, a part of New York with many Jewish-owned businesses. 

Videos that captured the events showed multiple cars driving slowly down the street in front of restaurants, synagogues, and Jewish schools. In one of the cars, a man with a megaphone shouted, “Israel kills children.” After the drive-by, the protesters then left their vehicles and the assault on the restaurant-goers began. At least one person was injured from the attack.

The pro-Palestinian protesters descended upon the Jewish community. They began shouting profanities and waving the Palestinian flag. According to eyewitnesses, the mob then began systematically attacking diners at restaurants, physically assaulting them, and even spitting on them.

One man said on Twitter that they were not Palestinian terror supporters, but that they were actual terrorists on the streets of New York. He added that they were attacking the diners for one reason only, the fact that they were Jewish.

A Horrifying Assult

A fifty-five-year-old woman experienced burns on her back when a large firework was detonated. The explosion sent people running, the loud bang obviously causing most people to believe a bomb had gone off.

The Fight Back

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, said that the videos showing racial slurs used by the pro-Palestinian protesters were disturbing. He also added that action targeting Jews specifically is antisemitism and nothing less. The ADL added that the attacks on Jews were frightening, noting that many arrests have been made.

In Los Angeles, police investigators are looking into a case where Jewish diners at a sushi restaurant were attacked. The assault is now being described as an anti-Semitic hate crime. The mayor of Los Angeles said that it has to be recognized for what it is; if it’s anti-Jewish, it’s Anti-Semitic.

The Back Story

All this began when Israel and Hamas began fighting more than two weeks ago.

Since the fighting began, more than four thousand rockets have been fired towards Israel, with the Iron dome (Israel’s missile defense system) shooting down 90% percent of the incoming rockets.

It is important to always note that almost 600 Hamas rockets have landed in Gaza, killing many civilians, yet there is no rage by pro-Palestinian protesters dedicated to this atrocity.