Virginia Race Decided Over Education Rules

The race for Virginia’s governorship is becoming a vote on the out-of-touch, liberal left’s big government strategy, as it is the greatest election on the November 2 ballot.

Few people better exemplify establishment socialists than Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s governor from 2014 to 2018, longtime Democrat Party national chair, and chief advisor to the Clinton family.

It’s Not Looking Good for the Democrats

McAuliffe’s primary rival, Glenn Youngkin, is the archetypal conservative office seeker. This accomplished outsider wants to use his personal achievements to rein in a government that has failed its constituents.

Before all this, Youngkin was co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, a financial services firm. As per a Monmouth College poll, McAuliffe and Youngkin are deadlocked at 46% each.

91% of Democrats endorsed McAuliffe, 94% of conservatives and 48% of those polled backed Youngkin, compared to 39% for McAuliffe.

Youngkin was favored by only 6% of Blacks, whereas McAuliffe was favored by 80%. However, Youngkin received 32% of Hispanic support, compared to 58% for McAuliffe.

Will liberals hold Capitol Hill and, alongside the White House, retain their grip on Washington’s reins of power for next year’s key midterms? Or will disgruntled voters (fed up with Biden’s muttering, faltering, falling performance) send the blue party packing?

It’s Boiling Down to Education

In a discussion with Youngkin on September 28, McAuliffe, as the liberals’ de facto standard carrier on November 2, waded into it big time. When McAuliffe made the ultimate error, writer Michael Kinsley coined the phrase, “when politicians tell the truth.”

“I don’t think parents should really be instructing educators about what they should teach,” McAuliffe stated when asked about parent concerns over explicit sexual books and courses.

Team Youngkin used TV advertisements, social media, and extensive news reporting to make McAuliffe’s comments infamous within minutes. After a torpedo ripped apart his own ship, McAuliffe stated in an advertisement — what else? — “Glenn Youngkin is misrepresenting my words.”

The backdrop is crystal clear. McAuliffe stated his beliefs. McAuliffe was caught on film repeatedly reiterating the same stance in a Youngkin commercial: “You don’t want parents pouring in from every single school authority.”

In terms of school schedules, “First and foremost, the state Board of Education and local school districts establish this. That is exactly where it should be. You don’t want 25 families picking books,” says the librarian. “We have a school board and local school districts that decide instructional decisions.”

“I’m not willing to let families go into classrooms and take textbooks out and decide for themselves.” Youngkin used Twitter to broadcast the televised exchange. It put the last nail in McAuliffe’s “out of perspective” deception.

“Did you make any mistakes throughout that debate?” WJLA’s Nick Minock inquired. McAuliffe said, “No. I was discussing what we want in terms of bringing people around. The councils are in place.”

“We have the Board of Education, as well as local school districts, all of whom are participating in the process.” McAuliffe walked out midway through Minock’s 20 minute official interview.