Was This Whole Ukraine Saga a Farce?

On Wednesday, the U.S. government and military made valiant efforts to pin ongoing tensions between the United States and Ukraine on the meaning of one word: “impending.”

The tensions were sparked by repeated, frantic pronouncements in Washington that Moscow would attack Ukraine again shortly.

Russia Has Done This Before

In 2014, Russian President Putin’s administration invaded Ukraine, conquering Crimea and allowing pro-Russia rebels in eastern Donbas to wage a full-fledged campaign for Kyiv.

Despite the fact that Russia’s assault of Ukraine has been ongoing for eight years, President Biden sparked international concern in January when he told reporters he anticipated Putin to soon launch a full-fledged assault on the nation.

Many people were outraged by Biden’s statement that the US would not assist Ukraine in the case of a “small incursion,” interpreting it as an invitation for Putin to grab Ukrainian territory.

Biden’s government also urged the relatives of Americans serving at the US consulate in Kyiv to evacuate, citing the possibility of an impending invasion. He likewise advised all foreigners in the nation to flee promptly.

The White House and the Department of State have spent the last two weeks reinforcing their belief that a Russian strike will occur relatively soon.

Ukrainian officials, notably President Volodymyr Zelensky, openly protested that they have no reason to believe another military takeover is impending.

They also claim the unexpected hysteria that has engulfed Ukraine after over a decade of occupation is odd at best.

Zelensky charged the Biden-fueled media frenzy in the West for the nation’s rapid loss of foreign direct investment. He claimed a panic-driven breakdown of his nation’s economy would be the actual forerunner to Russian intervention.

Biden Backed Off

After repeated complaints from Ukraine, the Biden White House quickly backed off its predictions that Putin would attack soon.

In an obvious attempt to deflect attention away from the diplomatic snafu, Army spokesperson John Kirby told CNN on Wednesday the problem was that Ukrainians did not understand the meaning of the word “impending.”

Kirby made no mention of Zelensky’s ability to communicate in English or his effort to learn Ukrainian. Russian is his native tongue.

“I believe there have been some concerns with how that word actually translated in Ukraine,” Kirby told the beleaguered Marxist network.

“The basic line is that we believe, as Secretary [Lloyd] Austin stated last week, Putin possesses significant military capabilities.”

He keeps expanding his alternatives, and he can pretty much execute any of them at a moment’s notice. As a result, we’re keeping a close eye on everything.”

The same day, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told journalists the Biden government would actually stop using the phrase “imminent” – a clear admission that their analysis of the situation was incorrect.