Washington Bans Assault Rifles

After Democratic Governor Jay Inslee agreed upon the prohibition on assault rifles into legislation on Tuesday, Washington State is currently facing a minimum of two lawsuits from firearms rights organizations.

New Bill For Assault Rifles

Three pieces of legislation restricting firearms were approved by Inslee. House Bill 1240, one of the pieces of laws, forbade the production and sale of numerous varieties of semiautomatic weapons, and it went into force right away.

It is patently unlawful, this new law.

Claimed to a long-ago Supreme Court decision, legislatures cannot prohibit the use of guns, according to Aoibheann Cline, the NRA’s lobbying director in Washington state, who spoke to Fox News.

The “worst of these plans in the nation,” according to Cline, is H.B. 1240, which outlaws “almost every current semiautomatic firearm.”

Americans prefer AR-15-style guns over other types of weapons.

In fact, the Ford F-150 is the most famous truck in America; whereas there are far more individuals with AR-15-style weapons than there are daily newspaper customers countrywide combined, according to Cline.

Cline said it’s terrible that states keep passing these unjustified restrictions. However, trust that the NRA will keep up its opposition to each. He stated the people of Washington deserve better.

Along with the comprehensive ban on semiautomatic weapons, Inslee passed Senate Bill 5078 and House Bill 1143 on Tuesday.

All prospective gun owners are required by H.B. 1143 to complete a safety and training session that covers Washington’s self-defense legislation and deals with storing firearms safely.

With the passage of Senate Bill 5078, the Washington attorney general will have the power to hold firearms producers accountable for the illegal use of their goods.

Gun Owners Must Get Training

A “monumental day” of triumphs against “weapons of war” and gun producers, according to Inslee, was marked by the bill’s signature.

The Second Amendment Foundation, which additionally filed an action against the state on Tuesday, is challenging Inslee’s laws in court.