Washington DC Can’t Handle Influx of Migrants Coming From Texas

For over a year, the southern border has been out of control, due to mass illegal border crossings.

The federal government, under the thumb of the Biden White House, is refusing to do anything about this; therefore, states on the border, such as Arizona and Texas, have to act on their own.

Much of this work has involved transporting some of the migrants who cross the border to sanctuary cities. Democratic leaders have talked a good game about their communities being open to individuals of all immigration statuses.

However, when put to the test, these leaders of sanctuary cities haven’t really seen through their commitments.

One clear example of this exists in Washington DC where Mayor Muriel Bowser made an emergency declaration, owing to the migrants being transported into her city from border states, per Newsmax.

Trouble in Washington DC

Despite Mayor Bowser’s previous claims that DC is a sanctuary city, the reality of mass arrivals of migrants has been more than she can handle.

Due to the Democratic mayor’s emergency declaration, she now has room to put together an Office of Migrant Services divisions. This will specifically allocate a maximum of $10 million in aid to various migrants arriving in the city.

However, Bowser also announced that DC will look to the federal government to repay it for the money spent on services for migrants. Judging from the looks of things, however, the DC mayor shouldn’t hold her breath while waiting for reimbursement.

Before the emergency declaration, Bowser appealed to the federal government twice in seeking support for help with processing the migrants arriving in her city. Both times, she was turned down.

Ironically, this mirrors the same approach the federal government has adopted toward border states being slammed with illegal immigration.

A Taste of Reality

Thus far, Bowser is getting just a fraction of the migrants that Texas and Arizona are dealing with every day.

Before migrants began getting shipped to Washington DC and other sanctuary cities, Democrats didn’t care about the negative impacts of illegal immigration.

Though now that it’s personally hitting their own communities, Democratic mayors are suddenly demanding action from the federal government.

Critics of the DC mayor warn that her behavior is ultimately hypocritical and shows that the left doesn’t truly care about laws being broken until the consequences arrive on their doorstep.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been clear that until illegal immigration ends, liberal sanctuary cities will continue to receive new arrivals of migrants.

What do you think about Washington DC declaring a state of emergency amid migrants’ arrivals in their communities? Do you believe this is hypocritical since the DC mayor claims the community is a sanctuary city? Feel free to let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.