WATCH: Major American Airport Descends Into Chaos As Huge Fight Breaks Out

There’s no question that this country has serious social problems. Every society has them, but after the pandemic, it’s obvious that people’s mental health and patience took a big dive.

Coop people up for two years on complete lies and daily hysteria and they’re going to go a bit crazy, becoming aggressive. It’s not exactly rocket science!

The latest example of this comes from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, where a random large brawl broke out in the baggage claim area.

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What Happened?

Security footage and bystanders captured a big fight that broke out recently in a baggage claim area of O’Hare airport in Chicago. The footage shows people pulling each other’s hair, pushing people, throwing punches, and screaming profanity.

Around twelve people ended up in the brawl, which included people getting jumped and trying to pile on fellow passengers who had ticked them off. The question many people are wondering, however, is why this fight even started in the first place…

What Caused It?

According to reports, several passengers started arguing late at night around the baggage claim area. The argument escalated and pushes and shoves took place, which is when one woman grabbed another by the braids and yanked some off.

Men then joined in the fight punching each other and kicking each other in the head.

This was a mad scene of an argument gone way out of control. It is certainly a long way from anything you want to be seeing after a long flight when you’re tired and stressed.

Two people have been charged in this brawl.


The Bottom Line

We all get a little frustrated in airports and while traveling, but most of us don’t attack and start shouting at people.

This brawl is a perfect example of how bad the country’s mental health is right now. People are out of control.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.