Russia Has Been Invading Ukraine for the Past Eight Years

Ukrainian state television source, Ukrinform, published an article on Wednesday, saying Ukrainians are undeterred by the war panic gripping many Western leaders and news organizations since Russia has been in their nation for eight years.

The Ukrainian People are Standing Strong

The editorial’s main point was that life in Ukraine goes on as usual for Ukrainians, who are aware of the Russian danger but not concerned with it.

Unlike some outside watchers, the Ukrainians are not alarmed by every nugget of information concerning Russian operations on the other side of their border.

The article’s central line chastised Western media for paying such little interest to Ukraine, as Russian-backed rebels conducted a horrific war in the country’s east, only perking up whenever the story of a Russian invasion starting off World War III piqued their interest.

Some western media outlets mistakenly label our people as “fatalists,” which is simply incorrect.

In actuality, such human behavior is neither “heroic,” “fatalistic,” nor even exceptional. The explanation for this is simple.

Russia has been at war with Ukraine for the past eight years. These are the eight years of regular updates of fatal shelling, internal displacement, and civilian and military fatalities.

These are the eight years of hatred, tons of informational dirt, and Russian harmful narratives shamelessly thrown onto Ukrainians from the internet today, almost unrestrictedly.

After all, this is the regrettable side effect of the long fight for democracy and free speech in Ukraine.

These are the eight years of the West’s shallow attitude toward this largely “forgotten” war. Many people in Europe and even beyond must have wondered this, afraid to leave their comfort zones and worry about a conflict they assumed would never affect them personally.

Russia Already Attacked in 2014

According to Ukrinform, the “big shock” for the Western press came in the year when Russia started “brandishing their nuclear bomb” and queuing up-armored vehicles on the Ukrainian border.

However, the big “shocker” for Ukrainians happened to come in 2014 when Moscow annexed Crimea and “loosed a brutal mass killing in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas.”

“Almost every family has been touched by the conflict, which has been carrying on for so long. It transformed society,” the editors said, lamenting the deaths of their own employees in the Donbas battle.

“This is all you have to know about what’s going on in Ukraine right now. The folks are calm because they’ve already made their decision.”

The country will battle for a set of core values that are as powerful in Kyiv as they are in Brussels, Prague, or Washington, according to the authors.

Ukrinform thanked their “coworkers” in Western media for being worried, for trying to bring long-overdue worldwide attention to the 2014 clash between liberty and authoritarian government, and for assisting in the fight against the “massive flow of deceitful reports circulated by Russia’s government media channels.”