Welcome to the Twilight Zone, Popular Transgender to Run for California Governor as a Republican!

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Caitlyn Jenner, a  former Olympian, and reality TV star is seriously challenging California’s struggling Governor who is facing recall, Gavin Newsom.

According to Politico, “Jenner has been taking more concrete steps to prepare for a potential campaign than have been previously reported.” This comes after the publication had rubbished earlier rumors that the transgender activist was planning on challenging Newsom.

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Jenner’s team even released a statement in February: “Caitlyn is not running for governor, has never considered running for governor and is very happy doing the work that she is doing to promote LGBT rights and spending time with her 18 grandchildren and 10 children,” Jenner’s manager said in a statement.

It comes as a shock then that there are new reports of her possible running. It even appears she is running as a republican!

“Jenner has brought aboard a team of seasoned GOP strategists. The team includes Ryan Erwin, a former top official at the California Republican Party who had roles on Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush’s presidential campaigns, who is serving as a general consultant. According to two people familiar with the hires, she has also tapped Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican national committeewoman, and San Francisco-based attorney, to be general counsel,” Politico reported.

“Jenner has also been working with Caroline Wren, a longtime Republican fundraiser, and Brad Parscale, a former campaign manager to ex-President Donald Trump,” Politico wrote, adding that “[t]he four are expected to attend next week’s meeting with Jenner and her manager, Sophia Hutchins. Jenner has also been conferring with other Republicans about the race, including Dave Rexrode, the executive director of the Republican Governors Association.”

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According to Fox News, “Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is helping Caitlyn Jenner as she very seriously explores running for Governor in California.”

“The source told Fox News Parscale is helping to connect Jenner to ‘the best talent in the country as she considers mounting a gubernatorial campaign,” Fox reported, adding that the source said that Jenner is “very, very, very serious” about running. The Daily Wire reported.
Caitlyn Jenner underwent the surgery to become a woman in 2015:

“Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist and member of the Kardashian family, ended months of speculation Friday night when he announced during an ABC television special that he identified as a woman and was making the transition from male to female,” The New York Times reported in 2015.