What? Andrew Cuomo Case Thrown out?

On Friday, an Albany judge rejected the criminal trial against former New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo was accused of violently groping one of his subordinates while in office.

No Charges for the Biggest Offender

Cuomo is accused of allegedly violently assaulting female staffer Brittany Commisso at the governor’s mansion in late 2020. The charge is a felony, according to CNBC.

The Albany court charge was the only criminal prosecution filed against Cuomo in conjunction with the harassment claims. After discovering Soares was going to dismiss the case, Commisso published a statement.

“My frustrating encounter of re-victimization once again sadly serves to highlight why victims are scared to come forward, particularly against people in positions of power,” she said in a declaration to the Times Union.

“When will our voices be heard in unison? Where may we seek redress for our grievances? Regrettably, this is again another instance of where our judicial system can improve.”

“Don’t let what occurred to me stop you from speaking openly if you are victimized by sexual assault at the hands of a senior government person,” she wrote.

Early last month, the Westchester County State’s Attorney said it completed a full investigation into two sexual harassments complaints against Cuomo and while “conclusive proof” had been discovered, Cuomo would face no charges.

No Charges, Despite All the Evidence

In a release, Westchester County prosecutor Mimi Rocah said, “Our inquiry discovered compelling evidence to establish the alleged behavior in both cases described above actually occurred.”

“However, in both cases, my office has found, despite the claims and witnesses being believable and the conduct being disturbing, we are unable to file criminal charges owing to statutory requirements of New York’s criminal statutes.”

“This decision has nothing to do with any potential civil culpability that falls outside of a District Attorney’s jurisdiction, which is purely focused on criminal legislation.”

Roach ended by praising the “courage of the women and eyewitnesses who have collaborated with police departments,” and said her office is “dedicated to helping them and all survivors.”

Following a report by her agency into charges that Cuomo sexually molested a female sheriff’s deputy in 2019, Nassau County Prosecutor Joyce Smith stated the other week she would not charge him.

“We considered the claims plausible, profoundly concerning, but not illegal under New York law,” she added.

“It’s important to emphasize our inquiry was restricted to alleged wrongdoing at Belmont Racetrack and authorities in other jurisdictions are still looking into other accusations of Mr. Cuomo’s misconduct.”

“We appreciate the brave people who came forward and worked with our office during this inquiry, and we applaud Attorney General Letitia James and the New York state legislature for their hard work and cooperation.”