What’s the bigger problem for Biden supporters, sex abuse or mental decline?

Joe Biden – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey


Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual abuse against Joe Biden have been gradually gaining traction despite the reluctance of mainstream media with ties to major Biden donors. Reade has established a case far stronger than any of the #metoo cases aimed at public figures with ties to President Trump. Unlike Kavanaugh’s accusers, for example, Reade has filed a criminal complaint with the police and has had her story corroborated by at least six other individuals.

Nevertheless, many feminist organizations that rely on Democratic sources for their funding have ignored Reade’s struggle. Others have been openly hostile and downright barbaric in their treatment of a self-proclaimed sex abuse victim. One New York Times journalist has said Read should ‘go to hell‘ over social media.

Despite the push-back, John Oliver has become the first late-night television host to take Tara Reade’s allegations seriously. Oliver has promised to track the story and cover it as it develops. At the same time, his ‘progressive’ colleague at MSNBC, Bill Maher dismissed Reade’s allegation as ‘ridiculous.’

Biden refuses to release Senate records

Meanwhile, Biden has refused to release his senate records, which are held at the University of Delaware, because he fears that doing so would damage his campaign. Biden said he feared that aspects of his record as a public servant could be ‘taken out of context.’ The records include transcripts of private conversations between Biden and then-president Obama. The decision not to release the records was a sudden about-face after Biden sent campaign staff to sift through them.

Biden’s obvious mental decline may be a bigger election obstacle than Tara Reade

Despite exclusively getting interviewed by fawning journalists who go out of their way to play softball with the candidate, Joe Biden’s signs of cognitive decline are consistent and glaring. Many Democrats believe that the quality of their candidate doesn’t matter, that enough Americans will come out to cast a protest vote against the incumbent that they are bound to win. Russiagate, the impeachment debacle, and the constant twisting and misrepresentation of Trump’s words and actions in the media are meant to guarantee this, but chances are just as high that they have cried wolf one too many times.

In a recent interview with Mika Brzezinski, Biden should have been on top of his game, demonstrating that he is the best that America can produce. What happened was that he tripped over basic sentences and forgot the name of his top advisor.

“You know, one of the things, uh, every morning — this morning I didn’t — I get a brief from medical docs on the status, the status of where things are, and uh, you know, uh, the former head of the, uh, anyway.”

Fielding such a candidate is reckless an a danger to the country.