While South Africa Burns, Global Leaders Think Green Energy is the Solution

Unrest, vandalism, and carnage have spread through Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Hundreds of people were killed, key infrastructure has also been ruined, and billions of dollars have also been lost.

However, regardless, Britain, the former colonial power is here to help, or is it? Take a look at the current project proposed for the nation by Britain’s Foreign office.

This is obviously a blind response to South Africa’s situation. Although, that’s not unexpected if you realize that the real goal of efforts such as the ‘Green & Resilient Communities’ is to subjugate all nations inside the limits of the impending New World Order, not to render them affluent, autonomous, and independent.

The riots are in protest of Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s horrendously corrupt former president. Zuma’s fans are using his imprisonment for contempt of court as a pretext to go to the local shopping mall, or what’s remained of it, and take themselves a new television, regardless of the implications.

However, if you assume that is the genuine reason, you must also believe that people in Cuba are rebelling, due to the reason there aren’t enough Covid vaccinations.

What really is occurring in South Africa right now is the conclusion of years of patterns: xenophobia, fraud, oligarchy, blaming, and violent murders of racial minorities, particularly white landowners.

The Situation on the Ground

The situation on the ground is tense, to say the least. Residents have been forced to band together and figure out ways to protect themselves from violent mobs that literally destroy everything in their path.

The police and military are on full deployment, yet it is not enough to protect every community. Fear has taken hold of the communities. On Sunday, a massive power outage in the capital city of Pretoria also saw cell phone signal to the city cut for many hours.

Residents had no idea of the outage was due to an attack and possible insurrection against the government and panic soon set in. The fires causing the power outage still have no known cause.

The Globalist Agenda

Rather than combating these issues, the globalists have exacerbated them through its sustainability goal and, more recently, the über totalitarian response to the COVID scare.

Liberty, wealth, and the legal system are what emerging countries like South Africa need and want. Governance mechanisms like ‘Green and Resilient Cities’ provide them with restrictions on the types of energy they are using, such as costly alternatives, rather than inexpensive, plentiful fossil fuels, as well as a slew of PC burdens known as  Global Goals.

There seem to be a total of 17 of these objectives, each of which has its unique color. That color wheel insignia are worn by global leaders and globalist elites like Klaus ‘Anal’ Schwab of the Economic Forum is an indication that they’re still on board with this idea.

It also shows that the idea will occur whether it is popular with the public or not.