Whistleblower Memo Hints at Democrats Letting Capitol Breach Happen

"US Capitol" by Bruno Sanchez-Andrade Nuño

Reports showed only three days after the Capitol was breached by protesters on January 6th, 2021, one of the police’s top security analysts sent an e-mail to the supervisors, criticizing their failure to heed clear warnings regarding the “rioting”.

In the e-mail, Eric Hoar outlined the several weeks he and his team spent analyzing social media posts. This allowed them to conclude the “radical right” protesters were planning to storm the Capitol building.

“Burned american flag left in the dirt after riots at the capitol hill” by Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Perfectly orchestrated

Hoar added he was concerned with an administration willing to ignore security needs in favor of feeding into a political agenda, claiming the very notion of such behavior should be unacceptable.

After sustaining the initial wave of backlash after the January 6th incident, Hoar relocated to the Homeland Security Department.

Here, he’s tasked with training numerous agencies on how to deal with security issues, including the Capitol Police he was once part of.

As of this moment, Hoar has yet to leave any comment on this pressing matter, even if it’d shed some much-needed light on why the Capitol administration actually let the breach happen.

Formerly a US military officer, Hoar later became a uniformed officer for Capitol Police, only to become confined to a wheelchair by a serious car accident, after which he was moved to Capitol’s intelligence unit.

FBI ignores warnings of Capitol breach

While a fair number of Republicans from the House Administration Committee have taken several testimonies from whistleblowers like Hoar, neither of these testimonies included Hoar’s post-January 6th security failure memo.

With Democrats attempting to wrap up the January 6th probe, as can be seen, by the latest Mike Lindell arrest, it seems the Republicans are preparing a counterblow of their own, with a plethora of evidence ready to be deployed.

This newly released information would show the vast number of intelligence failures by the Capitol Police and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s exchanged messages with security right up ahead of the riots and the breach itself.

The reports show a large portion of the intelligence Hoar is referring to was sent to officials almost a month before. This was in an attempt to get their attention before the 2020 Christmas break, with little to no effect.

One of Hoar’s colleagues, Matthew Hurtig, forwarded some of this info to the FBI. This raised some major questions as to why these warnings were ignored, which ties in with Trump’s request for 10,000 National Guard troops being denied.

Everything just fit into place so perfectly that one might imagine the Democrats even let the riots happen as a means of impeaching former President Trump; although that’s nothing more than a shot in the dark at this point.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.