Why Does the Far Left Hate Conservatives?

Conservatives seek to conserve what once was, a time when America was truly free, and Americans lived the dream which was a country that put liberty first and defended it.
What if America or its administration no longer follow this premise? Do conservatives still conserve, or do the roles switch by definition, the conservatives become the progressives, and the progressives seek to conserve their new system? 

Back to the heading of this article, it is easy to understand disliking the other side, after all, we are not that fond of leftists. However, it appears that they have a genuine hatred for those that seek freedom, but why? The left’s traditional role was originally honorable, when the right-wing brought forth rapid economic growth and prosperity as seen in the 80s, liberals ensured everyone partook in the growth, making sure no one got left behind, standing up for the downtrodden and oppressed. 

“African American Read-In 2013” by Rod Library@UNI is licensed under CC BY 2.0

That message of freedom for all was and is a truly Conservative message and it still is. Conservatives strongly believe that we all should have the right to self-determination. And that is where modern Conservatives and Modern liberals go separate ways. The modern left has no desire for freedom nor sharing in growth. They seek the opposite, they desire the deconstruction of America in its current form and the desolation of the wealthy.

They hate conservatives because we know what they are up too and we call them out for it. Conservatives are the ones calling for prosperity for everyone, while they only manage to fuel their fire when the opposite is true. Remember, Liberals will never win another election if they admit America is prosperous. They need division, they need poverty, they need destruction.

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is kidnapping family members from brown and black communities. Free Mama Hubbard Now! #not1more #shutdownice #shutdownpolimigra #yabasta” by dignidadrebelde is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When Conservatives win, in most cases we improve, especially in black communities that have seen increases in poverty, joblessness, and crime due to democratic policies. As long as these communities suffer, the left has their enemy, the white upper class. When this continues, they get their voters, and they win elections. 

When we conservatives point this out, win, and then improve, they hate it. They are terrified the message will take hold and they will lose their voting base for good. It’s important to mention that this is all just one big political game by the left to keep its claws on the voters. There is no such thing as honest politics in this regard, conservatives are guilty of this too, except the key difference is we improve to earn our votes, they destroy.

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