Why Our Freedom Depends On Our Right to Bear Arms

This will come as no shock to those on the right: the ability for those in society to defend themselves from those who would do them harm (including the government) is the cornerstone of any free country.

If the Government Can, We Can

It is important to always remember that the power of those in government is only at the liberty of those who put them there and pay the tax dollars that fund their operations. Leftists, however, would have it that government become an unchecked power that has no accountability and ultimate authority. 

Conservatives know that man is inherently evil; it preaches this in the bible and the Founding Fathers knew this to be true. That is why they created a system with enough checks and balances to ensure Americans never exist under tyranny, as they did before the Revolutionary War.

The citizens of America have given their government the ability to found an army and equip itself with weapons powerful enough to win its wars.

The argument for regular citizens having the right to own heavy weaponry is as follows: If the government can possess such weapons, the citizens must be granted the same means to protect themselves against their own government should it become tyrannical.

Why the Left Want Your Guns

In order to implement a leftist agenda, there can be no opposition in the form of an armed population that says no.

What is the leftist agenda though? To deconstruct the system as it is now and replace it with something along the lines of what is depicted in almost every movie portraying the future. It’s the key to everything, if you ever have suspicions about your opponent’s motives, simply just look at the content they create. 

Almost every depiction of the future is a grim world controlled by a large tyrannical central government; this tyrannical government implements strict measures on freedom of expression, movement, and of course, the ability to defend oneself.

The Pillars of the Leftist Agenda

The left cannot implement its objectives without taking the following steps. Firstly, your right to bear arms. Should the population be able to resist any of the steps, the plan cannot work. Removing the right to take up arms is the first and critical step for the entire plan to work.

Secondly: the right to own land. If the state owns the land, it means they control the means of production. When they have achieved this, they can control the means of distribution; this means that should the state wish, they can hold entire portions of the population hostage under the threat of starvation.

Thirdly, they wish to control your freedom of movement. When they achieve this, they can review different sectors of the population and move where they are needed.

All personal freedom will be removed at this point.