Why The Democrats Will Lose Elections For the Next 20 Years

"A man burns a torch, sparking a riot." by Jason Hargrove is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The political left has set itself on a course for destruction but is totally dead set against doing anything to stop it. The solution to their crisis is something so radical it has been fervently suppressed and demonized… Critical thought. The Democrats have signed up for a path of decline by allowing two key ingredients in the recipe of disaster, old pandering politicians and the violent mob.

The ability to self examine and criticize is paramount to success as a human being as well as an organization. The Political Left and the Democrat Party are terrified of criticism as they have become too insecure about losing support. What they don’t realize is that the key to ensuring ideological progression is being able to look at oneself critically to ensure once policies are in touch with the modern world and don’t drift too far in either direction.

Since the Democrats stopped allowing critical speech from condescending voices in their own party, and instead pandered to the radicals, they lost track of where they should be on the political spectrum. The Left, which is supposed to be in favor of protecting the rights of Americans has become authoritarian in nature.

So why will they lose for the next 20 years? The Majority of Americans are moderate! In an attempt to win more votes, they submitted to the radical elements of their organization believing them to be the new majority, also they submitted in fear of being attacked by the radicals themselves. They will keep losing because the important condescending voices have been silenced by the radical mob who cannot stand criticism. In other political organizations, discussion is encouraged and regularly practiced, ensuring the party stays on track, and the ideology does not drift too far in any direction.

As the left continues to lose, the spiral of destruction will accelerate, they will lash out, pander to the mob more, and silence more voices. The problem with pandering to the mob is that soon it will grow too big and powerful, and will have to be stopped. The left as it stands cannot stand up to its own mob for a number of reasons. One, they are too scared of the mob and being criticized by it. Two, they have become so set in their ways that they don’t actually recognize the crisis they are facing. Three, they assumed the moral high ground on every key issue, allowing them to denounce any attempt of change as “extreme” or “evil”.

Unlike the right, the left has no upcoming, young, leaders who have the guts to take a moderate stance on any issue. They may exist, however, if they dare speak out, they will be squashed by the mob. They have absolutely no chance of turning back the clock on this mess as long as they don’t cleanse their party of the old pandering politicians and the violent mob.
Until the Democrats and the left-wing can begin to recognize the hole they have dug will soon cave in on them, it will be too late. In under 20 years, the death spiral will be complete and the party as we know it will not exist. To rebuild they will need to completely rethink everything. The keyword there “rethink”. They will have to plug into the American people, listen, and learn. 20 years before they have gained the trust they need to win again.

Now we on the Right need to learn from their mistakes and not allow the same spiral of destruction to take hold in our own party. We are doing well, but must always remain watchful, and never ever suppress condescending voices from inside and outside our organizations. Critical thought is the key to everything we have.