Why Women Need to Fight Against Biden’s Sports Policies

"3498" by hardloperhans is licensed under CC BY 2.0

On Joe Biden’s first day in the Whitehouse, he signed an executive order that will promote “fairness, equity, and justice,” in women’s sport. Sounds great but unfortunately, it does the opposite. By allowing biological males to compete in sports will biological woman only oppresses women.

No one can rationally claim that this does anything other than oppress the rights and freedoms of biological women in sport. It is fact that biological males have a physical advantage over most women (there are exceptions). By allowing these transvestite men to compete with women has already shown that they dominate the field in almost every case, proving the point.

As Daily Wire writer Kelly Paul pointed out; “Biden is asking women and girls to be gracious and smile politely from the sidelines as they accept a third, fourth or fifth place as biological males dominate the competition, sweeping up girls athletic state championships and college scholarships.”

This points out that there is more at stake here than just a position on a leader board here, this law literally provides for fewer women being accepted into college or university. A record I’m sure no President would be proud of.

Also pointed out by Kelly Paul, “in Connecticut, where two biologically male runners brought home 15 women’s state championship titles between 2017 and 2019.”

Speaking with Fox News, female high school track star Selina Soule condemned the “continued unfairness” of the policy which allows “transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions.”

“I lost out on countless opportunities to get placements, get titles, and qualify for further meets to display my talents to college coaches,” she said.

Paul excellently pointed out that “Women should not be relegated to clapping politely from the bench while biological males pump their fists in victory at the finish line.”

There are three main points that prove biological males carry an advantage over women, as pointed out in an article published by The Daily Wire:

“Generally, male athletes have longer and larger bones, giving them a significant advantage over female athletes. The greater articular surface and structural mass of male bones provide men with the advantages of both increased leverage and a larger frame to support muscle.”

“Likewise, female ligaments are more lax and fragile than those of males, giving male athletes an edge in most sports, especially those that involve throwing, kicking and striking. The disparity in ligament and tendon strength also results in a higher incidence of musculoskeletal injuries among female athletes.”

“The ratio of muscle mass to body weight is higher in males, which provides greater speed and acceleration. This explains why women’s speed records in swimming and running are consistently slower than those of men, and why, on average, women have two thirds of the strength of men.”