Why’s Fox Always Left Off Biden’s Press List?

"Jen Psaki and Jim Messina" by Third Way is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fox news was left off Bidens now exposed list of reporters that he would answer. It’s obvious why the so-called president of transparency will not take questions from anyone who might ask something really pressing or real. 

Fox News reporter Pete Doocy confronted Jen Psaki, the White House press correspondent, with the question.

On Fox News, after the Biden rigged press conference, Doocy said: “I mentioned last night I had a binder full of questions, I think some people were kidding, I was not kidding,” the reporter continued, noting that he planned to ask the president about his, “big plan to transform the economy and make it all green.” The Daily Wire pointed out.

“We noticed, starting at the end of the campaign, and then into the transition, and here, at the White House, anytime the president has an event where he’s given a list of reporters to call on, Fox is the only member of the five network TV pool that has never been on the list in front of the president,” Doocy said. “I’m just curious if that is official administration policy.”

Psaki answered with an excuse: “We’re here having a conversation, aren’t we? And do I take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room?” Psaki responded.

“Yes, but I’m talking about the president,” Doocy reiterated.

“The president has been very generous with his time with Fox, I’m just curious about this list that he is given,” Doocy continued. “We’re the only member of the five network pool that hasn’t been on this list … dating back to the end of the campaign.” The Daily Wire said.

Biden’s First Press Conference Was a Disaster

It comes as no surprise to conservatives but it appears the questions posed to Biden by reporters, were pre-selected and arranged. 

Chris Wallace of Fox News said after the conference that he was  “struck by the fact that it seemed on every foreign policy question, not the others, but on foreign policy, he went to his briefing book like Jen Psaki does sometimes in the briefings, and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points.”

“Covering Ronald Reagan for six years, I never saw that,” Wallace continued. “Watching a lot of news conferences over the years, I’ve never seen that — a president in a news conference reading talking points. He did that on, it seemed, every foreign policy question.”