Wicked Democrats Are Indifferent To Price Increases

The Democrat Party had the audacity to believe by putting the term “Inflation Reduction Act” on their wasteful spending package, they might persuade Americans that they were serious about addressing the issue of inflation.

They were completely wrong.

Might Worsen Inflation

According to the results of a survey conducted by the Economist and YouGov, 40 percent of respondents believed that the Inflation Reduction Act would make inflation worse.

In comparison, just 12 percent believed that it would make inflation better. An additional 23% said that it would have absolutely no impact whatsoever on inflation.

Naturally, the measure was never intended to address the issue of inflation. It was just another spending frenzy by Democrats, with billions of dollars going toward climate change, healthcare, and the Internal Revenue Service. 

As soon as it was approved by the Senate, the traditional media started referring to it as a climate measure and instantly abandoned the pretense that it would reduce inflation. 

In the hope of giving President Joe Biden one “victory” before Democrats lose the House in the midterm elections, Democratic legislators and Biden sought to use fears about inflation to justify a measure that will undoubtedly drive up inflation.

This bill will eventually push up inflation.

Funding For The IRS

In practice, what the plan does is eliminate funding totaling $369 billion on climate change measures and another $64 billion in “temporary” subsidies for Obamacare.

The Internal Revenue Service, on the other hand, will receive an additional $80 billion, allowing it to hire 87,000 new agents over the course of the next decade.

This will result in an increase in the total number of audits, as well as the number of taxpayers from lower and middle-class income brackets who will be subject to audits.

After trying to cloak it in their very legitimate concerns about inflation, this is the present the Democrats will deliver to the general population.

Their spending schemes will not only make inflation worse in the long run, but also in the short term; at least Democrats will be able to announce a political “victory” three months before the election in question.

The general public isn’t always as dim-witted as politicians would have you believe they are. It would appear, based on the findings of these polls, that Democrats have been shown to be incorrect once more.

Voters are savvy enough to see through these semantic games and will get even with the Democrat Party in November, despite the fact their bank balances will suffer in the interim.

In conclusion, Americans are now smarter and they have their eyes wide open. In light of this, we can all ready ourselves for the inevitable red wave coming our way in a few months.

Republicans can REJOICE!

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.