Will China ever be checked?

The total impact of the Wuhan virus has been devastating. From damaged economies and societies to the most important factor, one point two million lives have been lost.

There is no doubt that the spread of the virus from Wuhan to the rest of the world, is totally the fault of the Chinese Government. All of their actions from the moment of the outbreak have been severely questionable, from stopping travel in and out of Wuhan from the rest of China, but keeping it open with the rest of the world, to initially covering it up with the help of the WHO.

Chinas actions globally have shown that they are positioning themselves for a major power play against the western powers. A little-known fact is that as soon as the outbreak began to really take hold in the united states, The Chinese Government sent a massive naval force into the disputed South China sea. This was a direct challenge to the status quo in the area. Unfortunately for China, they tried to kick the United States and her allies when she was down. History has taught us, never ever wake the sleeping giant that is the United States. A strong coalition including Naval forces from Australia and The USA immediately set sail for the South China Sea, calling the Chinese bluff. They were forced to back down.

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China has been slowly taking over Africa. They do this not with tanks and bombs, but with money. For two decades now, the Chinese have been gradually buying up the continent. In many cases, the CCP grants struggling African states Massive bailouts in the form of loans, the terms, and conditions of these loans is that upon default of payment, the government of China will claim the property. This property could be anything from mines to airports to police stations and ports.

How can the west respond?

It is only a matter of time now before Chinese aggression needs to be checked. The question stands, how? The western powers are faced with several options.

There is the tactic that the United States has perfected over the past century, I like to call it Victory by bankruptcy. To achieve victory over a large opponent such as the USSR or in this case China, The USA resorts to simply outspending its opponent. Massive investment in conventional and unconventional military forces, causes the opponent to believe it needs to spend just as much to keep up and match the USA. A fine example of this occurred during the Cold war. The United States invented the Star Wars Project. The project as supposed to be a system of laser-bearing satellites that could shoot and destroy Soviet ICBS (intercontinental ballistic missiles) as they pass through space. As today we know the Star Wars Project never actually existed, and the entire program was invented to cause the Russians to invest heavily in their space program, accelerating the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Another tactic could be to gradually replace China as a manufacturing hub. If the world stops buying Chinese products, the Chinese economy will not survive long. President Trump Appears to be following these two plans here. With the USA developing new rail gun technology and Trump’s recent announcement of new futuristic weapons, we can only assume this is all apart of the plan.