Woke Left Wing Media Outlet Vice Files For Bankruptcy

Vice media outlet is filing for bankruptcy. The outlet was founded in Montreal, Canada in the mid-1990s and grew to a worth of $5.7 billion five years ago with 3,000 on staff.

Now, that’s all over. Vice is finding out the truth of the phrase: go woke, go broke.

Why Are They Going Bankrupt?

Vice has been trying to find someone to buy the company, but nobody was expressing interest. They follow just after fellow trash leftist outlet Buzzfeed went broke and closed.

A few months ago, far-left news site Vox also had to dismiss 7% of its total staff, due to financial problems, losing 130 positions.

Vice was known for daring documentaries filmed in North Korea, around Mexican cartels, and many places where others wouldn’t dare to go.

Though it became more and more woke following the departure of co-founder Gavin McInnes, eventually turning into just another left-wing publication in a sea of leftism.

A History of Failure

Former CEO Shane Smith quit in 2018 after he was busted for sexual harassment of an employee and the revenue started falling. CEO Nancy Dubuc stepped in to fill his shoes, but she left a few months ago.

It’s clear that in the end, even Dubuc, despite her years of past experience, was unable to hack it in charge of the transition.

The competitive nature of online news publications made Vice struggle, especially as its voice became hard to distinguish from any other left-wing opinion outlet.

Despite trying their best under Dubuc, Vice will now be headed for the exits. Vice is now history.

The Bottom Line

Vice had a real surge back in the day and looked like it would be the future of media. Though it turns out that its business model wasn’t set to last.

Go woke, go broke. Vice just found out the hard way.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.