WOKE MADNESS: Nurses Taught How to Care For Men Giving Birth

Experts warn that a textbook used to teach midwifery learners how to assist men in giving birth is full of anatomical nonsense.

In an attempt to bolster transgender people, Edinburgh Napier University informed trainee nurses they might be catering to a “birthing person” with male sex organs and a prostate gland.

You Won’t Believe This

“It is crucial to understand most pregnant people will have female genitalia.”

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“However, you could be looking after an expectant or birthing person who is changing from male to female and will still have visible male parts,” a module guide on how to give safe maternity care advised students.

“You must be knowledgeable about both female and male physiology in order to catheterize them. As a result, this text refers to the delivering person whenever possible.”

The Telegraph received a copy of the book, which detailed the “male anatomy catheterization” method, which is often performed during cesarean sections to drain excess fluids, as well as graphics on “making sure the scrotal area is covered” during birth.

“Male individuals should be cautioned of pain as the deflating balloon goes past the prostate gland, a region of anatomy seen only in men.”

The school, which is one of just three Scottish schools recognized by the Nursing and Midwifery Board for undergraduate midwifery classes, reacted angrily, claiming men are unable to become pregnant or give birth.

Experts panned the guide on Thursday night, calling it “open to the point of insanity” and warning the streamlining of procedures could lead to unsafe practices.

The Facts

“Women can’t have male sex organs,” Kat Barber, co-founder of the Sex Not Gender Nurses and Midwives group, continued, “therefore, this rule reads to me as though it is liberal to the point of ridiculousness.”

“Somebody who wrote the policy tried to incorporate different genders, which is OK, but in the lack of true understanding on how to care for those individuals, which is hazardous,” the nurse practitioner told The Telegraph.

“What’s more troubling is learners had to turn to the media to ask questions about it; that shows me a lot about the state of our nursing midwifery schools, and who should be permitted to ask questions,” says the author.

When the guidebook was posted late last month, it sparked student outcry, prompting course directors to apologize for “wording becoming the wrong way around.”

They explained they were talking about a trans man who “has surgery to build a penis, but still has a womb and may procreate.”

The Telegraph knows the guide’s language has not been modified, and the institution stayed firm on Thursday.

Given the absence of information on persons who undergo phalloplasty to construct a penis and intend to give birth, Elaine Miller, a member of the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy, expressed concern regarding scientific correctness even for female-to-male transitioners.